March 25, 2023
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Australian media: China’s World Cup live broadcast screen avoids the auditorium and uses 32 seconds to delay the audience close-up to the stadium screen-Hong Kong

Australian reporter Bill Birtles compared the live broadcast of the World Cup in China with the live broadcast of Australian TV. The live broadcast in China is indeed different from that in Australia. The live broadcast in China avoids the auditorium, and all the goal celebrations are close-ups of players and coaches. .

Bill Birtle believes that the Chinese government is irritating the people who are being quarantined. The live broadcast of the World Cup avoids the crowds in the auditorium. He noticed a 32-second delay in live feeds from China Central Television (CCTV). This was enough for CCTV to switch to other images, covering the cheering images of the auditorium.

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Bill Birtle compared that to the celebration of Canada’s goal. The celebratory footage used by CCTV is a wide-angle shot of the coaches and players, but there is no close-up of the crowd in the auditorium. However, the live broadcast of Australia’s SBS TV station has relevant pictures.

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Someone found something wrong earlier than Bill Birtle. Mark Dreyer posted on Twitter on November 28 that the BBC International channel had close-up shots of fans cheering during the Canada-Croatia game, but CCTV did not.

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