March 28, 2023
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Australian Apple Store workers strike for better pay

Apple Store employees in several Australian cities went on strike briefly on Tuesday, expressing dissatisfaction with their pay and treatment. The Apple Store employees involved in the strike were members of the Local Retail and Fast Food Union (RAFFWU).

Some Apple Store employees who participated in the strike said that they were encouraged that so many employees could walk out of the store together, and that they were lucky to be able to work together as a team. Stephen Bates, who used to work in the Apple Store and is now an Australian MP, also joined in, criticizing Apple’s work environment. He pointed out that whether full-time or part-time employees need to be ready 7 days a week, schedules can be changed at any time, the number of working days can be shortened or extended suddenly, and they will be required to work the next day at any time. The above arrangement is like a temporary worker without additional compensation for being on call at any time.

In response to media inquiries, Apple’s spokesperson pointed out that employees receive generous remuneration and special benefits, and that Apple is one of the top employers in Australia, and provides industry-leading education and health-related benefits programs. An Apple spokesman said the new pay proposal, even the minimum wage, was already 17 per cent higher than the Australian industry standard, with improvements to staffing and overtime arrangements.

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