March 27, 2023
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“Assetto Corsa” office chair racing mod launched the players’ feet are too fast to see!

I don’t know if you have tried the office chair competition. “Office chair racing” means that the contestants do not use vehicles, but office chairs for racing competitions. Recently, the Italian game developer Kunos Simulazioni produced the racing simulation game ” Ready to play Assetto Corsa.

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It can be seen in the short video that more than a dozen players wearing racing suits and helmets are sitting on computer chairs of different colors. After the start of the game, they advance rapidly, their heads are tilted to pay attention to the track, and the speed of their legs is not as fast. Consistent with common sense, the picture is interesting and engaging.


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The idea of ​​”Office Chair Racing” came from the event originally held in Tanabe City, Kyoto, Japan in 2010. After a long period of evolution, it evolved into the establishment of the “JORA” Japan Chair Racing Association, which will hold the “Chair-1 GP Open” every year. race” and make it a sport that both participants and spectators can enjoy. So far, it has been held in more than 20 locations in Japan, and in 2016, the first overseas competition was held in Tainan, Taiwan.


source:takeyoh’s AssettoCorsa Life Youtube

source:takeyoh’s AssettoCorsa Life Youtube

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