April 1, 2023
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Apple’s trade-in program is causing trouble in foreign countries, old devices are often lost and suspected of being stolen – Hong Kong unwire.hk

Apple’s Trade In trade-in program recycles users’ old iPhones and lets customers buy new phones. However, some foreign media recently pointed out that some users participated in the trade-in program by mail, and then received an email from Apple, saying that there were no electronic devices in the box delivered by the courier. Apple charged a trade-in discount of US$705 (approximately HK$5,534) to users’ credit cards.

Foreign media editor Chance Miller said on social media that there are also many iPhone user complaints on Twitter, and countless iPhone buyers receive such emails every year. Apple asks users to describe how they package and seal their old devices. He sees some loopholes in the plan, arguing that Apple relies too much on third parties for shipping, including shipping companies UPS and FedEx. In Hong Kong, SF Express is also one of the courier companies that assisted Apple in recycling iPhones.

Miller continued that the most likely scenario is that the user handed the packaged old iPhone to the courier company, and the middleman could steal the iPhone, and by the time Apple received the courier, the device in the package was gone. fly. In response to this vulnerability, Miller suggested that Apple add the Find My tracking function to the trade-in program, which can track the express route of the old device before the user gets the new phone, reducing the chance of the iPhone being stolen.


Image source: Apple official website

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