June 6, 2023
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Apple seized over 100 iPhones for failing to comply with Brazilian regulator’s request – Hong Kong unwire.hk

According to foreign media reports, Brazilian regulators seized more than 100 iPhones in multiple retail stores in the country through an operation called “Operation Discharge” because Apple did not provide accompanying chargers for the mobile phones.

Brazil’s federal consumer protection agency (Procon-DF) believes that Apple is harming the interests of consumers by not providing an accompanying charger for the iPhone, so it ordered the suspension of iPhone sales in Brazil and imposed a multi-million dollar fine, but Apple has never Relevant requirements are complied with. In recent days, the agency has taken further action. An operation called “Operation Discharge” has confiscated hundreds of iPhones in the country’s carrier stores and authorized Apple resellers, aiming to force Apple to include the iPhone in the box. charger.

Apple filed an enforcement order after the products were seized, hoping to keep selling iPhones. Judge Diego Câmara Alves allowed Apple to continue selling in Brazil pending a final ruling, calling the regulator an abuse of power.

Apple also stated that it is confident of winning this legal dispute, and that there are various options for mobile phone chargers, and it is not necessary to use the included charger.


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