March 25, 2023
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Apple is rumored to have developed an iPad stand that turns into a smart home display device

Apple sometimes makes products that we don’t understand why, and there are products that we think should be launched but never come out. Recently, it has been reported that Apple has plans to develop an iPad stand, which can turn the iPad into a smart home display.

The concept of smart home displays currently includes products such as Google Nest Hub and Amazon Echo Show, which are simple touch screens combined with simple functions to facilitate users to view information and control smart homes. Recently, Mark Gurman revealed that Apple had plans to develop an iPad stand with similar functions. The built-in speaker can simply connect the iPad to turn it into a smart home screen, but it was not actually launched (the picture above is a MacRumor concept).

Google announced similar products in the last conference, which can be connected to the Pixel Tablet, but Apple itself has always been considered powerless in terms of smart homes. So far, in addition to the HomePod series and the HomeKit functions of various systems, No other actual products were launched.


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