June 2, 2023

Apple iOS 16 Official Version Released; Starbucks Launches Web 3 Platform Starbucks Odyssey; Disney Releases New Marvel Universe Project, “King Thanos” is Coming


Apple iOS 16 official version released: bringing the biggest update to the lock screen so far

On September 13, Apple released the official version update of iOS 16, the latest operating system designed for the iPhone. Like all software updates from Apple, iOS 16 is free to download.

The most notable change in iOS 16 is the updated lock screen experience, where users can customize the appearance of the lock screen. The new lock screen gallery offers a range of options, allowing users to select a smartly recommended lock screen-friendly photo from their personal gallery, or select a set of photos to rotate through the day.


Users can also add depth-of-field effects to their lock screen photos, showcase the subject in a more aesthetically pleasing way, and customize fonts and styles. Plus, new widgets for the lock screen make it easy for users to view key information such as recent calendar events, battery level, notifications, time zone, Activity Ring progress, and more.

iOS 16 is available on the iPhone 8 and later, and Apple no longer supports the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7/Plus and the original iPhone SE this year. (Source: IT House)


Google completes $5.4 billion acquisition of Mandiant cybersecurity firm

Google announced that it has completed its acquisition of cybersecurity firm Mandiant, valued at $5.4 billion. As early as March of this year, Google first revealed plans to acquire the listed company Mandiant. Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said Google will retain the Mandiant brand and continue Mandiant’s mission to keep every organization safe from cyber threats.

“Combining Google Cloud’s existing security portfolio with Mandiant’s leading cyber threat intelligence enables us to deliver a security operations suite that helps global businesses secure at every stage of the security lifecycle.” Operates under the auspices of Cloud, but the Mandiant brand will live on. (Source: cnBeta)

Starbucks launches Web 3 platform Starbucks Odyssey

On September 12, Starbucks announced the launch of its Web3 platform, Starbucks Odyssey. According to media reports, Starbucks Odyssey combines Starbucks’ loyalty program, Starbucks Rewards, with an NFT platform that allows customers to earn and purchase digital assets, unlocking exclusive experiences and rewards.


Starbucks has previously previewed the Web3 plan to its investors, saying that the new experience will build on the current Starbucks rewards model, where customers can earn “stars” in exchange for benefits such as free drinks.

Customers can enter the Starbucks app on a web or mobile device and use a credit or debit card to purchase limited-edition NFTs, no crypto wallet required. Starbucks believes this will lower the barrier to entry for customers and make it easier for consumers to engage with the Web3 experience. This is the coffee chain’s first foray into Web3 technology and is expected to launch later this year. (Source: TechCrunch)


Analyst says Apple iPhone 14 Plus preorders are worse than iPhone 13 mini

On September 12, Tianfeng International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released a report saying that compared with the iPhone 13 series, the pre-order results of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, Pro and two standard models were good, neutral and poor, respectively.

While the iPhone 14 series product mix has improved and the iPhone 14 Pro Max pre-orders are better than the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the current pre-order results are neutral for Apple, the report noted. It is unclear whether Apple will increase its Pro model shipment forecast, but the possibility of iPhone 14 and 14 Plus (accounting for about 45% of overall iPhone 14 shipments) is increasing.

Ming-Chi Kuo said that the pre-order results of the Pro models do not mean that Apple will immediately increase orders for the Pro models. Whether Apple will increase Pro orders depends on how long the strong demand for Pro models can last during a recession. If demand for the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus doesn’t improve after launch, Apple could cut its iPhone 14 and 14 Plus shipment forecasts for November and beyond within a few weeks. (Source: IT House)

Shen Yanan, President of Ideal Motors, reduced his holdings twice in September, cashing out about 91.13 million yuan

On September 12, information disclosed by the Hong Kong Stock Exchange showed that Shen Yanan, the co-founder and president of Ideal Auto, reduced his holdings of 600,000 Li Auto shares on September 6, cashing out 7.875 million US dollars (about 54.52 million yuan) . After the reduction, his ideal stock holdings dropped to 29 million shares, and his shareholding ratio dropped from 1.71% to 1.68%.

Judging from the information disclosed on the official website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the reduction of 600,000 shares on September 6 was his second reduction this month. He had already reduced his holdings of 400,000 shares on September 2, cashing out $5.2888 million (about 36.61 million yuan). The two sell-offs accumulated 1 million shares, cashing out a total of 13.1638 million US dollars (about 91.13 million yuan). (Source: TechWeb)

The Nintendo Direct is scheduled to be held on September 13 and is expected to last 40 minutes

Nintendo announced that it will hold a new face-to-face meeting at 22:00 on September 13, Beijing time, with an estimated duration of 40 minutes.

This live broadcast will focus on NS games released this winter.

Previously, media broke the news that Nintendo not only prepared “The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD” and “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD” for Switch for this face-to-face meeting, but also announced that Switch users have been waiting for a long time. The latest information on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel. (Source: Homeless Stars)


Ford unveils next-generation BlueCruise driver assistance system

A few days ago, Ford Motor Company announced that it will launch a new generation of BlueCruise BlueCruise 1.2 active driver assistance system in the global market.

The upgrade to version 1.2 of BlueCruise includes three major feature highlights. The first is active lane change assistance: the user only needs to turn on the turn signal, and the system can realize active and safe lane change according to road conditions. The second is intelligent speed assistance: when a sharp turn is about to be turned, the system will actively reduce the speed of the vehicle and issue a prompt. The third is intelligent lane avoidance: keep the vehicle always driving safely in the selected lane, and can cleverly avoid vehicles from adjacent lanes.

Ford officially stated that the new Mustang Mach-E, which will be released in the North American market this fall, will be the first to be equipped with the system, and its new cars will be equipped with the system in succession. As of the end of August 2022, more than 75,000 Ford and Lincoln owners around the world have opened BlueCruise, and the system has accumulated a cumulative operating mileage of more than 25.6 million kilometers. (Source: Electric State)

Meta Quest Pro new VR device suspected exposure: small size, solid feel

Recently, some netizens claimed to have picked up a VR device suspected to be a new Meta Quest Pro in a hotel, and recorded an unboxing video. It can be seen from the video screen that the words “Meta Quest Pro” are printed on the upper left corner of the package, and it reads “Not for resale-engineering sample (not for resale-engineering sample)”.


Compared with the previous Meta Quest Pro, the design of the new product is lighter and smaller, and the handle abandons the hollow ring design that accommodates the sensor for a more solid feel. According to previous media reports, the new headset will cost more than $1,000. The new machine has a better GPU and lower power consumption, and also includes an external high-resolution camera for simulating augmented reality color, eye tracking, more storage, new controllers, and high-resolution for virtual reality monitor.

At present, Meta officials have not yet responded to the matter. The parties said that the equipment has now returned to its original owner. (Source: Homeless Stars)


Disneyland releases a new project in the Marvel Universe, and the mutant “King Thanos” debuts

On September 11, local time in the United States, Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige announced at the D23 Expo 2022 event that a new entertainment project will be added to the Marvel Theme City in Disney California Park, codenamed “King Thanos” The new variant of Thanos will officially debut.


The officially released “King Thanos” has a new look. The newly designed armor is powerful and domineering, making Thanos rejuvenated again, full of the king’s breath. At present, the “King Thanos” entertainment project has not yet determined a specific implementation date, and it is unknown whether it will be linked with Marvel Universe Film and Television. (Source: 3DM compilation)

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