March 23, 2023

Apple freezes plans to use Yangtze memory chips

NikkeiCoverage (paywall), Apple has frozen plans to use YMTC flash memory chips in its products. Apple has completed certification to use YMTC’s 128-layer 3D NAND flash memory chips in iPhones before the U.S. announced new chip export restrictions. YMTC’s 3D NAND is currently the most advanced flash memory chip in China, but it is still one or two generations behind Samsung and Micron. Apple is going to use YMTC’s flash memory because it’s 20 percent cheaper than rival products. Apple initially planned to only use YMTC flash memory in iPhones sold in China, and later considered purchasing 40% of the flash memory required for iPhones from YMTC. But it is unlikely that Apple will purchase YMTC flash memory in a short period of time.

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