June 6, 2023
02 11

Apple considers loosening restrictions on iOS browsers without using WebKit engine

The current web browsers used on the iPhone and iPad, Apple stipulates that they need to use the same WebKit open source browser engine as Safari. Apple once mentioned that forcing third parties to use WebKit is out of security and privacy considerations, but this practice is suspected of being anti-competitive. Earlier this year, software engineers in the UK and other places publicly called on Apple to cancel the restrictions on the forced use of WebKit.

According to an article by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, in order to comply with the European Union’s “Digital Market and Services Act”, Apple is considering removing the restriction that the iPhone and iPad web browsers must use the WebKit engine. It is currently unknown whether the removal of relevant restrictions is limited to EU member states, or whether it will be implemented in other regions. At present, Google’s Chrome browser and iOS version are forced to use the WebKit engine, so they are limited by the functions and development progress of WebKit.

If Apple decides to lift the restriction, the Google Blink engine currently used by Chrome and Edge, as well as the Mozilla Quantum engine used by Firefox, are expected to be applied to iOS and iPadOS web browsers in the future.


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