June 9, 2023
App也能瘦身?Google Play Store正式加入App压缩功能,改善占据手机储存容量情况,最高可减少60

App can also lose weight? Google Play Store has officially added the app compression function to improve the storage capacity of mobile phones, which can be reduced by up to 60% – TechNave 中文版

Google Play Store release v33.4 version updateformally joining the App Compressionwill compress the apps that are rarely used by users, so as to reduce the app’s occupation of mobile phone storage capacity.

The app capacity compressed by this function can be reduced by up to 60%, and at the same time, the app content will not be completely removed from the mobile phone, or the user’s stored data in the app will not be deleted.

The compression method is to delete specific parts of the app, and only keep the necessary parts. The app icon will also be kept on the mobile phone desktop or app list, and the other parts will be re-downloaded when the user wants to use it.

For this compression function, Google also released a file format called Archived APK, which mainly splits the app with a large capacity. When the app has not been used for a long time, the necessary part can be kept, and the other parts can be saved. Then it can be split and removed from the user’s mobile phone to free up more storage capacity.

Prior to this, Google has also used different methods to reduce the app’s occupation of mobile phone storage capacity, such as launching Go series apps with smaller file size and lower usage traffic, and at the same time allowing more emerging markets to sell and use only a small storage capacity The entry-level mobile phone is also designed to be easy to use.

The app compression function used this time is actually similar to the technology used by Nextbit, which acquired its mobile phone hardware business from Razer in the past. It can automatically transfer less-used apps to the cloud for storage, and retain grayscale images on the mobile phone. For reserved App icons, when users want to use them, they can click the gray scale icon to download and resume using the connected resources, so as to prevent the infrequently used content from occupying a large amount of mobile phone storage space and even affecting execution performance.

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