June 6, 2023
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“Anything can be delivered to your door”, Tsann Kuen announced the launch of delivery service with Uber Eats | TechNews

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Living in the new life of epidemic prevention, consumers’ daily shopping habits are becoming more and more diverse, and immediacy and convenience have become the key factors in purchasing. 3C channel Tsann Kuen announced that it will be officially launched on Uber Eats, a popular food delivery platform in Taiwan, from now on, and it will be launched at 50 Tsann Kuen stores in 17 cities where Uber Eats operates.

Tsann Kuen pointed out that the products that can be delivered through Uber Eats range from office supplies, cables of various specifications, to batteries, remote controls, to well-known domestic and foreign brands of electric heaters, baking pans, household appliances, etc. A total of 600 3C products have been put on the shelves for the first time.

Deng Wenyi, Chief Marketing Officer of Tsann Kuen, said that the cooperation with the Uber Eats delivery platform is Tsan Kwan’s next wave of important layout since last year. Tsan Kwan not only quickly integrated and opened up online shopping malls and physical channels, but also actively seized The 3C delivery market map provides more comprehensive and convenient consumption options for consumer groups with immediate needs.

Zhang Youxin, General Manager of Uber Eats Taiwan Fresh Food Delivery, said that the cooperation with Tsann Kuen has opened up the delivery of 3C household appliances on the Uber Eats platform, and has taken a big step forward in the expansion goal of “everything can be delivered to your door”. The two parties will also launch selected areas during different seasons and major festivals to facilitate users to quickly find target products, and to upgrade service efficiency by shortening the online and offline experience.

(Source of the first picture: Tsan Kuen)

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