June 2, 2023
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Another option before the data center introduces immersion liquid cooling: Yunda air-cooled and liquid-cooled hybrid cabinets

In response to huge and intensive computing demands, coupled with soaring energy prices, the data center environment is facing the challenge of soaring cooling costs. At the same time, the thermal design power consumption (TDP) of the new generation of server CPUs and GPUs is rising steadily , not only requires more power, but also faces major challenges in how to effectively dissipate heat. For this reason, server manufacturers have invested in the development and cooperation of advanced data center cooling technology a few years ago. For example, the so-called direct-to-chip liquid cooling (D2C) design has been introduced into products targeting high computing density, high-frequency trading and other applications. ; Cooperate with 3M, Delta and other computer room cooling equipment manufacturers to jointly promote immersion liquid cooling technology (Immersion Cooling).

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