June 2, 2023
Android用户也想要iPhone 14 Pro「灵动岛」,米粉建议Xiaomi增加,官方回应:暂时不做

Android users also want the iPhone 14 Pro “Smart Island”, Mi Fans suggested that Xiaomi should be added, the official response: not for the time being – Urban Tech story

Since the launch of the iPhone 14 Pro series, the biggest highlight and innovation has been “Dynamic Island”. Since the announcement of this design, the ingenious way has not only made netizens very envious, but many Android users have suggested that their mobile phone brands should add this feature. .

Subsequently, the official also responded to this, Xiaomi said that after evaluation, it will not consider launching similar functions for the time being.


But you don’t have to be discouraged, after all, most of the Android system has access to third-party themes, and some similar designs can also be implemented.

For example, it was previously reported that a theme designer with an ID of “Mu Ye” has developed the Xiaomi theme corresponding to Smart Island, and said that Xiaomi has been uploaded and is waiting for review.


The “Xiaomi Smart Island” theme he designed can customize the aircraft animation, lock screen charging personalized text, smart charging, smart music and other functions. You can even customize the position, which can be centered or left, and can be adapted to models with different openings.

Since the announcement of the smart island design of the iPhone 14 Pro, it has become the most discussed “innovation” at this conference. Regardless of the reason, Apple’s ability to create such an interactive system has undoubtedly demonstrated its strong design capabilities, but currently only the iPhone 14 Pro version will use it. For more technical information, please continue to hold the TechNave Chinese version!

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