May 28, 2023
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AMD says Moore’s Law is not dead, but it has been changed! – Urban Tech Story Version

In recent years, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang has stated on several occasions that “Moore’s Law (Moore’s Law) is dead” in defense of rising GPU prices. At a summit, AMD’s chief technology officer, Mark Papermaster, disputed the repeated claims and detailed the real reasons behind the higher costs.

While NVIDIA graphics cards are generally good stuff – the GTX 1630 is a prime example – buyers are justifiably curious about the ever-increasing prices of products. For example, in 2013, NVIDIA launched the GTX 780 with a retail price of $649. Meanwhile, last month, the RTX 4080 started at a staggering $1,199. That represents a nearly 85% price increase, and while the performance gains certainly don’t stop there, the value of the dollar hasn’t grown in the same way over the past nine years.

After the announcement of RTX 4090 and two RTX 4080s, Huang Renxun once again claimed that “Moore’s Law is dead” in a question and answer with media reporters.

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AMD’s recent efforts in the graphics card market have been obvious, trying to beat NVIDIA in one fell swoop. Speaking at a recent summit, Chief Technology Officer Mark Papermaster refuted Huang’s claims, emphasizing that Moore’s Law still holds.

“It’s not that there won’t be exciting new transistor technologies … It’s very, very clear to me that we’re going to keep improving on transistor technology, but they’re more expensive, so you’re going to have to use accelerators, GPUs Acceleration, specialized functions…” He added that explaining how AMD manages manufacturing costs, chips are indeed becoming more complex and expensive, but every chip company is learning and adapting to this status quo.

According to Papermaster, AMD has anticipated the price increase and described it as a dominant factor in the company’s recent changes to the chip design structure in its processors and graphics cards. Both companies get their processor wafers from TSMC, and the conflicting narratives from AMD and NVIDIA are confusing, AMD seems to be pushing to circumvent the so-called “death” of Moore’s Law, while NVIDIA seems to have decided to fully embrace “Moore’s Law dead” concept.


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