March 29, 2023
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Amberhead is cold? “Aquaman 2” confirmed for reshoot: all the actors have been recalled to reshoot, because only Amber Heard has not received the notice! – Urban Tech Story

Johnny Deppwith ex-wifeamberheadThe defamation lawsuit can be said to be one of the entertainment highlights of this year. Although it has been less than half a year since the sentence was pronounced, Johnny has a new film contract because of this lawsuit; on the contrary, Amber Heard has completely collapsed because of this lawsuit. It’s bad, and the career is also affected because of it. There were performances.Aquaman and the Lost Kingdomwas also severely hit.

After the jury ruled that Johnny won the case, Amber Heard’s character completely collapsed. It was previously reported that Warner Bros. film studio decided to give up Amber and let “Dragon Queen” Emilia Clarke replace her. The first choice to play “Mera” (Mera).

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Now it’s getting out Aquaman 2 remake confirmednot only found the “Batman”Ben AffleckFor the cameo appearance, all the actors were invited to re-shoot a few scenes, but it was reported that the crew did not find Amber Heard, and she was not notified at all, which caused controversy.

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The well-known Youtuber “Syl Abdul” even provided relevant proof, asserting that “Amber Heard is sure to disappear in the sequel movie”. In addition, more than 4.8 million people have accumulated online petitions for Warner Bros. to fire Amber. But what the result will be, we still have to wait for the movie to announce further news.

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In addition to the news about the deletion of Amber Heard, “Aquaman” actor Jason Momoa posted on the social network on July 29 this year that he and actor Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck) Group photo, and said that Bing Avery will make a cameo role in “Aquaman 2”.

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