March 25, 2023
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All-new Porsche Boxster exposed pure electric is expected to be released in 2025

In March this year, Porsche revealed that both the 718 Boxster and the Cayman will launch electric versions, but they are not expected to be released until around 2025. A few days ago, the website Autoblog uploaded a number of photos, which are believed to be the first spy photos of the electric Porsche Boxster prototype under development.

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Autoblog said the spy photos were taken from a test track, the electric Boxster is in the early prototype stage, the information about the car is quite sparse, and Porsche also used a lot of misleading camouflage on the test car, making it impossible for outsiders to estimate its actual configuration. . From the spy photos, the size and wheelbase of the prototype car in development are larger than the 718 Boxster, and it is estimated that the factory can accommodate a larger battery pack.

1114 3b

In addition, the spy photos also showed some interesting features of the prototype car. For example, the taillight may adopt the recently popular long bar design across the left and right sides. However, there is a fake plastic dead air hose under the tail pump handle, which is incompatible with the identity of an electric car. , believed to be because of one of the camouflages of the prototype. Autoblog says Porsche is testing at least two Boxster prototypes, as one is fitted with summer tires and the other with winter tires, and the rims are of a different design.

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