March 28, 2023
Apple iPad Air lifestyle 02 220308 screen e1646769602734

Aiming at the smart home market again, Apple’s iPad docking station will be unveiled in 2023

Apple iPad Air lifestyle 02 220308 screen

For the smart home market, Apple has previously launched products such as Apple TV, HomePod, and HomePod mini. But the company is now turning its brains to the iPad, hoping to bring the iPad into an additional product category, making it a home accessory.

According to “Bloomberg” reports, Apple’s vision of a new home product is to combine the functions of Apple TV, iPad, and HomePod to create a new product that can compete with home devices such as Amazon’s Echo Show.

Although “Bloomberg” pointed out that Apple is exploring the possibility of combining the iPad with the speaker; but Apple is also developing a home accessory that can be docked with the iPad. This additional accessory can provide an experience similar to combining the iPad with the speaker. , but this is actually an accessory, not a new product.

Users can connect their iPads directly to the accessory for a smart home gateway experience; the accessory works like Google’s recently launched Pixel Tablet charging speaker dock.

Apple will have the idea of ​​creating an iPad docking station. The main reason is that it may take a long time to develop a new product from scratch; but if it is only an expansion accessory for the iPad, then the required research and development time It doesn’t need to be this long, so this new accessory could be available as soon as 2023.

Although Apple has achieved great success in many product categories, it is relatively weak in the smart home market. For some time now, Amazon has been known for offering a variety of different smart home products, including various Echo devices with built-in virtual assistant Alexa.

Apple’s past home products include Apple TV and HomePod, but these two types of products have not been popular with many smart home consumers in the past; and the high price of the original HomePod was disliked by consumers, so Apple finally chose to discontinue the first generation. HomePod, and replace it with the cheaper HomePod mini. That being said, according to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is still working on a HomePod product that is larger than the existing HomePod mini.

You might think that Apple doesn’t pay too much attention to the smart home market, but in fact, Apple has proposed its own HomeKit specification in the past, and also supports the Matter standard. These actions indicate that Apple hopes to create a set of powerful home products to meet the Amazon, Google, and others to contend.

(Source of the first image: Apple)

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