June 4, 2023
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AI master training institute is a good business

“In the future, there will be a service with a super-large computing power pool. It is not the place where the AI ​​master will live in the future, but the training center of the master. There is no need for external services during training. The master will come out after 2 months of retreat, and his skill will quickly increase by two years.” Taiwan Big Brother Chief Deputy General Manager and Chief Information Officer Cai Qiyan became more and more excited as he talked about it. It was the morning of the first Sunday in March. A few days after OpenAI released the ChatGPT payment API, in order to make a cover story of “ChatGPT can and cannot”, I asked the information Long time to ask, ChatGPT’s impact on the future of the enterprise, he talked for two full hours and couldn’t stop.

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