June 6, 2023
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Again, they teased Apple again! Samsung’s new video encourages iPhone users to switch to Galaxy Z Flip 4: Don’t be afraid of losing friends after switching phones- TechNave 中文版

In the past few months, Samsung has released videos to tease Apple. Today Samsung has once again launched a promotional video called “On the Fence” to encourage iPhone users to switch to Samsung devices.

The series is based on the theme of teasing Apple, focusing on Samsung’s unique features that Apple does not have, in order to attract iPhone users to switch. In the latest “On the Fence” promotional video, a man sits on a fence and talks to a woman holding a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4. The woman said: “I used to be like you, wavering on the boundary between Apple and Samsung.”

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The man lamented that he wanted to switch to a Samsung phone, but worried that other iPhone users would look down on him. But the woman said he should change the phone, his friends would be envious.

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“When you take out the Galaxy Z Flip 4, your friends won’t leave you,” the woman said. She then hands the man a Galaxy Z Flip 4. When the man sat back on the wall, he attracted friends around him, and said that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 in his hand was cool. The man then said “I can get used to this”.

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