June 6, 2023
Google Stadia结束后手柄不会变废品,官方承诺将为手柄启用蓝牙连接功能

After Google Stadia ends, the handle will not become waste products, and the official promises to enable Bluetooth connection for the handle- TechNave 中文版

In October last year, Google announced that it would shut down the Stadia cloud gaming service. For players, in addition to worrying about what to do with their own games and archives, what to do with the Stadia handle that they bought with real money is also a very important issue.

Google launched the last Stadia cloud game today and promised to release an update next week to enable Bluetooth connectivity for Stadia controllers.

The last Stadia game from Google was the Worm Game, a beta game used to test many of Stadia’s features before it launched. Worm Game technically supported play on Stadia before Stadia’s public launch in November 2019, and officials decided to launch the game for the streaming service before it shuts down next week.

Alongside the launch of the new game, Google also promised to enable Bluetooth on the Stadia controller. “We’ll share details on how to enable this next week,” the Stadia community manager said in a forum post.

Google’s original Stadia controller, a device that connects directly to the Stadia service, had its Bluetooth chip always disabled. After news broke that the Stadia service would be shutting down, users have been looking for ways to wirelessly connect the controller to other devices to keep it from becoming electronic waste.

With the new tool, users will no longer need some workarounds to connect controllers to devices like Android. The Google Stadia cloud gaming service is scheduled to close on January 18, Pacific time. After announcing the shutdown, officials said they would refund all those who purchased the service directly through Google. That means most Stadia players who bought the Founder’s Edition or the Premiere Edition got a Bluetooth controller for free.

Next week, players will lose all games and corresponding progress on Stadia,But developers who launch games on Stadia have begun migrating players to other platformsFor example, Ubisoft provides free PC version games for Ubisoft players on Stadia through its Ubisoft Connect software on PC, and synchronizes game progress and save data.

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