June 4, 2023
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Afraid of being controlled by the West in the presidential election, Russia asked officials to disable iPhones | TechNews Technology New Report

Afraid of Western control of presidential election, Russia asks officials to disable iPhones

Russia will hold a presidential election in 2024, and some Russian media are now claiming that the Kremlin is now requiring government officials involved in the preparations for the presidential election to stop using iPhones, because Russia is deeply afraid that such devices are vulnerable to attacks by Western intelligence organizations .

According to the Russian media “Business Daily”, the Russian presidential palace may now purchase new and secure communication equipment for its employees in order to make internal officials willing to abandon the use of American technology.

“Business Daily” also quoted a source close to the Russian presidential palace as saying that even officials of regional domestic political organizations will receive similar advice. And experts also pointed out that the measures of the presidential palace are pragmatic, but the most important thing is to strike a balance between information security and employee productivity.

As for when these officials will have to replace their iPhones? According to the Business Daily, officials within the presidential palace must replace their iPhones by early April, and the Kremlin may purchase new secure phones for employees on April 1.

So what do officials do with old iPhones after they replace them? A person familiar with the matter pointed out that “If you want to throw away the horse and give the horse to the child”, everyone must start to take action in March.

The public sector affected by this policy of the Russian government includes: the domestic policy department, the public project department, the protection department of the State Council activities department, the information and communication technology development department, and the communication infrastructure department. The top three department officials will be involved in the 2024 presidential campaign.

But what kind of phone should these people use? The employees are said to recommend a Chinese phone with Android or an Aurora phone, developed by the Russian company Open Mobile Platform.

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