March 29, 2023

Affected by exchange rates, etc.! Steam Announces Global Price Increases

today,Steam platform officially announces global game price increaseand the price increase is not small, some games in Malaysia will usher in a price increase of up to 42%!

Officials say that as purchasing power and foreign exchange rates continue to change, we need to significantly revise these conversion proposals to keep up with the latest developments.

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According to foreign media statistics, in addition to the Israeli New Shekel and other 7 currencies, the suggested pricing of the 32 currencies supported by Steam around the world has increased to varying degrees. , the yen area rose 3%, the Hong Kong dollar area rose 41%, the Brazilian real area rose 47%, the Russian ruble area rose 75%, the Indian rupee area rose 85%, and the RMB area rose 21%.

It is worth noting that Turkey, the world’s lowest price region, rose 450%, and Argentina rose 485%. It’s bad news for many players in Argentina and Turkey.

At present, it is not mandatory for the price adjustment to be the official recommendation of the Steam platform, and the final game pricing power is still in the hands of the developers. But the trend of price increases has already started, and more and more games will increase in price soon, so friends who want to buy games should buy them as soon as possible.

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