June 2, 2023
toshiba mg10 20tb hdd main

Adopting 10-disk design and FC-MAMR technology, Toshiba launches 20TB hard drive

As early as two or three years ago, both WD and Seagate had successively released 20 TB capacity hard drives, and even launched 22 TB and 26 TB capacity products. Another manufacturer, Toshiba, did not announce support until mid-October last year. A few days later, ASUSTOR, a NAS manufacturer, first expressed support for the MG10 series of hard drives with this capacity specification, and they included this series of SATA interface models in the company’s hard drive compatibility list. At that time, Toshiba was expected to start providing samples in the fourth quarter of 2022, and in mid-February this year, we saw articles on the unboxing and testing web pages of this product starting to appear in Taiwan. Judging from this situation, the MG10 series should be widely available. stage of the market.

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