March 27, 2023
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Adobe AI executive has a new work, the new version of Lightroom features one by one

Adobe held a media conference a few days ago to announce the new applications and new features that will be introduced in Adobe products at the Adobe MAX 2022 conference.

More advanced AI-driven masking – pick people, pick objects, pick backgrounds

Adobe introduced the Select Sky and Select Object selection tools last year. This time, they further added “Select People”, “Select Objects” and “One-click Select Background” to the smart selection function.

2022 10 19 下午2.26.40

2022 10 19 下午2.26.30

Reduce brush usage and speed up editing with Select People

The new “Select People” feature will make editing and retouching portraits easier and more convenient. Lightroom can detect individuals or groups in any portrait photo, select people in the frame, and automatically generate precise masks for users to choose. Users can also select specific body parts, such as facial skin, body skin, eyes, teeth, lips, hair, etc.

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Use the “Select Objects” feature to select more precisely

The “Select Object” function is to automatically identify each object in the photo, automatically create a color mask, and allow users to immediately select the object they want to edit. Simply use the Brush Select tool to paint on the target object or use the Rectangle Select tool to draw a rectangle around it, and the AI ​​will automatically refine the edges to create precise masking piece.

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▲ Use the Brush Selection tool to paint on the flowers to create a mask

2022 10 19 下午2.29.01▲In the past, when selecting an object, you may select the part that is related to the object, but you do not want to select it2022 10 19 下午2.29.09▲ With the brush selection tool, just draw on the object, you can select the desired part more precisely

One-click background selection

In the past, creators needed to select the background by inverting the subject’s mask, but now Adobe’s artificial intelligence function can generate background masks with one click.

unwire0024 1

unwire0028 3

▲ Now Adobe’s artificial intelligence function can generate background masks with one click

Adobe applies artificial intelligence-driven presets to portraits. Users can use “Preset” presets to automatically enhance the overall effect of a portrait, such as brightening eyes, whitening teeth, and coloring eyebrows with one click or tap of the screen. Deeper etc.

unwire0050 1

A set of optimized presets for skies and subjects for mobile devices

Optimized presets allow users on mobile devices to tap into the power of artificial intelligence masks for skies and subjects, allowing Lightroom to create optimized masks based on detected image content with a single click.

Fix it with Content-Aware Removal

With the addition of Content-Aware Removal, it’s easier to fix or remove distractions in Lightroom. Using the same content-aware technology as Photoshop, Lightroom removes imperfections and adjusts the fill based on surrounding content. This feature also includes a Refresh option, and the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to select sample areas for finer control over restoration.

2022 10 21 18.39.19

2022 10 21 18.39.24

Continuously updated autofill material demonstrations

2022 10 19 下午2.30.09▲The content-aware filling function can now be automatically retried continuously. For example, a part of the picture is selected

2022 10 19 下午2.30.17 12022 10 19 下午2.30.18▲If the content of automatic content awareness is not satisfied, you can keep retrying2022 10 19 下午2.30.36▲Retry until satisfied

Additional Product Updates to the Lightroom Collection

– Added the ability to fully edit photos in the “Compare” view in Lightroom for Win/Mac, allowing creators to easily edit images side-by-side. With the help of GPU acceleration, the speed when switching images and exporting is further improved.
– Left and Right Panel Swap: Users can customize the Lightroom Classic workspace to suit their workflow needs, with the new feature swapping left and right panels for all mods or just during development.
– The addition of Local Selection Adjustment Curves to achieve perfect tones for editing, now available in Camera Raw and coming to Lightroom in the future.
– Added HDR support to help photographers highlight the best parts of their images. Enabling HDR will allow users to render and edit pictures in more detail on HDR-compatible displays. Adobe Camera Raw is now available as a Technology Preview.

Source: Adobe

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