March 25, 2023
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Abandoning outer space and entering the kitchen, the interstellar pizza robot of a Taiwanese SpaceX engineer | TechNews Technology New Report

There is no other kitchen in the world like Stellar Pizza. They are not proficient in cooking, frying and frying, but they have the knowledge to build the most advanced rockets in mankind. There are definitely no Michelin stars here, but the number of mechanical engineering degrees in the kitchen is enough to be used in restaurants around the world. among the best.

Strictly speaking, this is not a restaurant. Stellar Pizza does not want to challenge the deliciousness of Italian pizza at all. The classic Neapolitan pizza that is hot and freshly baked is not the goal that Stellar Pizza wants to replace.

“Domino’s is our opponent,” said Star Pizza founder Benson Tsai. Domino’s can generate $4 billion in revenue a year. They plan to use flexible pizza robots to significantly reduce costs and defeat Domino’s.

Benson, who has Taiwanese ancestry, is very aware of the value and cost of real estate, and also understands the hard work of the bottom workers. He believes that a properly designed pizza robot will change these situations. In order to achieve this goal, he founded Stellar Pizza and recruited a group of the best second chefs: at least 40 rocket scientists and other technical nerds, just to solve the technical problem of pizza.

Before solving the pizza, they have to solve the “mushroom” first. In 2020, Interstellar Pizza has developed a pizza robot prototype that can automatically knead dough, evenly drizzle tomato sauce, sprinkle green peppers and ingredients, but it just can’t handle mushrooms. Robots can slice tomatoes, salami and mozzarella with ease, but mushrooms stick together and never separate evenly.%E6%88%AA%E5%9C%96 2023 01 19 %E4%B8%8B%E5%8D%883.33.12

▲ The robot can “spray” even tomato sauce on the dough.

With a degree in mechanical engineering, Jaya Iver, who has worked in Boeing, space exploration and other companies, joins Star Pizza’s number one task, which is to use her lifelong knowledge of fluid mechanics to get these difficult mushrooms and other pizza toppings.

“If you think deeply about the pizza making process, you will find how difficult it is, probably like putting a satellite into orbit.” Benson Tsai believes that this is also the key to why Interstellar Pizza has a bright future. If you can conquer this field, They are like SpaceX, they can conquer Mars.

For frozen pizza, mushrooms and other ingredients are not a problem, because the frozen ingredients are very hard, but the interstellar pizza that uses fresh ingredients cannot be handled this way. By the way, for customers, mushrooms are a must-have ingredient for pizza. The option to remove this ingredient doesn’t exist, and mushrooms are even more popular than onions, green peppers and black olives, according to data from the nonprofit’s market research.

In the end, Jaya Iver exhausted her brainpower to design a secret blender with refrigerated mushrooms, and finally solved this problem that has plagued rocket scientists for half a year, making the fully automatic pizza robot of Interstellar Pizza finally come true.

In addition to Iver, SpaceX automation engineers solved the problem of foaming and popping when pizza dough was heated; software engineers improved the accuracy of robots when shoveling pizza; as for ignition and heating, come on, this is the home of rocket scientists.

Pizza made by robots makes Jay-Z pay for it, investing $165 million

According to Stellar Pizza, the current Generation A pizza robot only takes about 5 minutes to make a pizza. Although it is a robot, it is actually more like a truck with a refrigerator that can store 420 dough. In a recent stress test, USC students ordered 180 pizzas in 5 minutes, and Interstellar Pizza managed to deliver them all in 2 hours without getting your hands dirty.

The robot only needs two employees, and their job is to chat with customers and put the finished pizza into the box. Under the tireless work of robots, Star Pizza’s 12-inch pizza is priced at only 8 dollars, which can be said to be the best example of hard labor.

It is worth celebrating that the students of USC are very satisfied with the pricing and taste. Almost all customers think that the pizza made by the robot chef is not inferior to Domino’s. It is undoubtedly a great encouragement for this news to reach the ears of investors.

The venture capital firm owned by the well-known singer Jay-Z announced an investment of 165 million US dollars in October 2022, almost a month after the trial operation of Stellar Pizza, hoping that Star Pizza can deploy more pizza robots on trucks, and then quickly cut into different brands regions to maximize profits.

The degree to which engineers in Silicon Valley love pizza is impressive. After so many years of trial eating, the employees of the Interstellar Pizza team are still not tired of eating it. “They will never get tired of pizza, just like I am with rice”, Taiwan Benson Tsai, a descendant of immigrants, said that it was this enthusiasm that allowed them to successfully build this pizza robot and have the opportunity to become the new giant of food automation.

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