June 7, 2023
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A variety of disposable plastic products have been banned in the UK before the end of the year- Hong Kong unwire.hk

Whether you live in the UK or experience a restaurant, you will inevitably come into contact with disposable plastic tableware, but these items will be banned from sale and provision by the end of this year. The British Ministry of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs announced yesterday that the government will implement new measures to ban companies from selling and supplying single-use plastics, including cutlery and plates, in October this year.

In addition to covering plastic products, the above measures will also cover disposable dinner plates and some types of styrofoam cups, food containers and glue sticks for binding balloons, etc. Plates and bowls will be exempted, and the British government will have another plan to attract manufacturers to produce tableware that meets higher recycling standards with incentives. British Environment Minister Coffey pointed out that 2.7 billion pieces of disposable tableware are used in the local area every year, and only about 10% are recyclable; 95% of the citizens surveyed support the decision to ban the sale.

Scotland and Wales have already passed similar laws, and some disposable plastic items, such as drinking straws and cotton swabs, have already been banned. Environment Minister Coffey said that the government will target other problematic plastic products, such as banning the sale of wet wipes and cigarette filters, while mandating that plastic packaging must provide consumers with correct disposal methods.


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