June 7, 2023
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A large number of closed-circuit televisions are installed in the World Cup venues, with a total of 20,000 ultra-high-definition cameras in 8 venues- Hong Kong unwire.hk

The World Cup will be held in Qatar this year. In addition to the rare event being held in winter, it will become the World Cup with the most stringent monitoring so far, causing controversy over privacy protection.

According to sources, the eight venues of this World Cup will adopt quite strict monitoring measures, including the installation of as many as 20,000 high-definition closed-circuit televisions, which can automatically monitor the behavior of all spectators in the stadium from the entrance to the auditorium at the same time. , The high degree of detail allows the system to use artificial intelligence technology to perform face recognition, analyze facial expressions to predict whether fans will become excited or angry, which will bring safety hazards, and facilitate security personnel to deploy actions in advance.

Qatar World Cup organizers say their aim is to keep spectators safe so they can enjoy the game and go home with fond memories. However, such monitoring measures have aroused privacy concerns, thinking that comprehensive monitoring of all participants in real time would make them uncomfortable, and the app that must be installed by the audience before the game was also found to require quite a lot of permissions, which made the organizers feel uncomfortable. The rationale for surveillance has been questioned.


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