March 30, 2023
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A folding screen that can be operated with one hand! OPPO Find N2 is coming soon: it will be equipped with SD 8+ Gen1, or become the first Kazakh-Soviet folding screen!

Recently, the well-known whistleblower “Digital Chat Station” issued a post suggesting that the internal screen size of OPPO Find N2 is still 7.1 inches.This means that the external screen size of the new folding screen is not much different from the previous generation, which may still be 5.49 inches.comparable to the iPhone 13 mini, this will be a folding screen flagship that can be operated with one hand.

Compared with the previous generation,The biggest upgrade point of OPPO Find N2 hardware is that the processor is upgraded from Snapdragon 888 to Snapdragon 8+ Gen1the former’s AnTuTu score is around 800,000, while the Snapdragon 8+ Gen1’s score has exceeded 1.1 million, and the performance has been greatly improved.


In addition, OPPO Find N2 will still use the self-developed Seiko quasi-cone drop-shaped hinge, which can minimize creases and have a longer service life, but the structure design is also more complicated and the cost is higher. three times the cost.

It is worth noting that OPPO Chief Product Officer Liu Zuohu once hinted that OPPO Find N2 may adapt to mainstream apps one by one, and there will be a better folding screen experience; this time OPPO will launch two folding screens, in addition to OPPO Find N2 , and another is a vertical folding screen, the name is unknown, and the folding scheme is the same as the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4.


In addition, it has been reported recently that OPPO’s new folding screen mobile phone will be jointly named Hasselblad, becoming the first Hasselblad joint folding screen model. The whistleblower said that the first Hasselblad co-branded folding screen mobile phone is about to debut, with a smaller screen size than other folding screen models, and a single-hole horizontal folding in the upper left corner + rear upper left corner matrix lens arrangement design, which is likely to be the end of this year. A phone powered by Snapdragon 8+ Gen1.

Although the whistleblower did not disclose the specific brand, judging from the production progress of folding screens of major mobile phone manufacturers, it can basically be determined that the models mentioned above are Find N2 and Flip under OPPO.

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