March 25, 2023
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55 games in development, Netflix actively explores cloud gaming services – Hong Kong

During a TechCrunch Disrupt event on Tuesday, Nike Verdu, vice president of gaming at streaming platform Netflix, revealed that the group is actively considering building its own cloud gaming platform. After Netflix acquired the game company in September last year, it began to launch mobile games to match the promotion of its series and movies. A year later, Netflix intends to expand the scale of the game part.

Verdu said at the event that Netflix is ​​very serious about exploring cloud gaming products, hoping to use it to reach users on TVs and computers. Netflix will take the same approach with mobile games, starting small, in a humble and thoughtful way, and then gradually scaling up. Netflix’s positive attitude towards the cloud gaming platform is very different from Google’s abrupt announcement at the end of last month to terminate the Stadia cloud gaming service.

Verdu believes that cloud gaming can add value to Netflix’s service, so it can’t be compared with Google’s failure, and he emphasizes that users are not required to subscribe to a service that replaces home consoles, which is a completely different business model. Netflix expects users to be able to play games in any environment, and at the event Verdu also revealed that they are developing 55 games, and announced that they will open a new development room in California, and former Activision Blizzard “Overwatch” Producer Chacko Sonny Responsible for leading.

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