March 28, 2023

3 days a week to return to work

Japan’s Panasonic announced a new work system on October 21. Some employees can choose to take 3 or 4 days off each week, choose to work remotely from Work from Home, and find side jobs and be employed by other companies.

The new system applies to “indirect department” employees such as personnel and general affairs departments who do not need to receive customers. Some employees who work in manufacturing plants can also choose to take 3 or 4 days off a week and find side jobs. Panasonic said the system has been piloted since October.

A work plan with 3 days off per week will not set a minimum daily working time. Internal employees or management positions can also keep their current salary as long as the working hours increase each day. Some factory employees in production lines will have their wages deducted due to the reduction in working hours because it is difficult to increase their daily working hours.

Under the new system, employees can choose to take four days off per week, further reducing the working hours per week.

Under this system, a company will admit that an employee is employed by another company on a part-time basis. With 3 or 4 days off per week, employees can work in other institutions in their leisure time to increase knowledge.

Indirect department employees and managers can also choose to work remotely from Work From Home. In the past, the company only allowed employees to work remotely from places where they could return to the company at any time. However, under the new system, employees can work remotely from anywhere. Even if you have to take care of your elderly parents or move your residence due to family members, you can continue your current job.

Shigeki Mishima, executive director of Panasonic, who is in charge of personnel management, said, “I hope to expand the choice of working hours and places, and create an environment that can maximize the potential of the company’s employees.”

Source: Nihon Keizai Shimbun via ITMEDIA

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