June 6, 2023
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3.19 million YouTube viewers watched the fake “World Cup”, which turned out to be a live game screen

The Qatar 2022 World Cup officially kicked off yesterday, and it is an option for many fans to find free channels on the Internet. There are many fake links on YouTube, the title is the live broadcast of the game. After clicking on it, it is found that the goods are not right. Someone discovered yesterday that there is a live broadcast of Qatar vs. Ecuador on YouTube. It turned out to be a game clip of the football game eFootball. What’s more interesting is that because the live broadcast was too low-definition, the 36,000 viewers who watched the live broadcast at that time did not find anything wrong and applauded the goal even more. In just 21 hours before the deadline, the Youtube video has reached 3.19 million views.


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This World Cup is the second time hosted by an Asian country, and it is the first time held by a Middle Eastern country, which has attracted the attention of many Middle Eastern fans. There was a live broadcast on Renne Sousa’s YouTube channel yesterday, titled Qatar vs. Ecuador. Many Middle Eastern fans clicked one after another, intending to watch the live broadcast. In the live message, many Middle Eastern fans expressed their excitement, but no one found out that it was an eFootball game clip. A netizen named 9amuli recorded this situation and put it on his Tik Tok, which aroused many responses from the audience.

Source: 9amuli Tik Tok,renne sousa YouTube Channel

Image credit: 9amuli Tik Tok

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