May 28, 2023

2022 Winter Christmas Gift Proposal J SELECT offers up to 76% off

In mid-December, Christmas is gradually approaching, and friends who have to exchange gifts at the party but still have not chosen friends may still be troubled.Instead of going out to buy gifts in the cold, it is more comfortable to sit at home and choose various products through online shopping. Recently, J SELECT broughtChristmasDiscounts, a few popular products are selected below, so that everyone can relieve the difficulty of choosing.

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JBL PartyBox Encore Portable Party Speaker

jbl party box

To prepare for a Christmas party, it would be disappointing to have no speakers. This JBL PartyBox Encore portable speaker can bring 10 hours of uninterrupted playback. At the same time, with lighting effects, the space can be transformed into a queuing stage in an instant. With a wireless microphone, you can easily sing a song. It can also be used with the PartyBox App to control music and lighting colors to create the perfect atmosphere.

Original price $3,299 Special price $3,099(click here)

Samsung The Freestyle Projector

download 2022 09

If the party needs to use the TV to play games or watch movies, the TV screen itself may not be enough for fun. This portable projector can easily project a 30-100-inch large screen, and any white wall can instantly become a cinema-level experience. With its own Samsung projection technology, it can be placed more freely, which is indeed a gift for parties.

Original price $7,980 Special price $6,480(click here)

Sweet Choice for Couples

YA-MAN Bloom Red Red Light Radio Frequency Extreme Rejuvenation Instrument

Yaman bloom red

The pursuit of beauty can be said to be a natural trait of women, so it is usually quite stable to give beauty products to the other half. This time, J SELECT also offers a discounted price. Can be used on its own and ready for the party.

Original price $3,980 Special price $1,980(click here)
(Promotion period until2022year12moon31day)

B&O Beosound Emerge Wireless Speaker

B O emerge product

As for giving gifts to boys, a good speaker can bring a good experience whether it is used to play a mobile phone, watch a movie or simply listen to music. The newly launched B & O speaker itself has excellent sound quality and a very stylish appearance. Whether it is placed in the living room or the bedroom, it can be perfectly integrated.

$6,898(click here)

Practical gifts for the home

Tonies Toniebox Starter Edition

10000058 UK a

For young children, the joy of listening to stories can be described as enduring. This Toniebox is a “story“Music Box” can load a variety of stories, music, songs and other content, let the children choose to play by themselves, and there are endless surprises while staying away from the screen.

$990(click here)

Rasonic RDW-J 6-Base Countertop Dishwasher


Some people have said that the invention of the dishwasher is worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize. I believe that cleaning up the dishes after each meal is a distress for many families. With a dishwasher, a common dispute can be solved. It can be said that Quite a worthwhile investment. This dishwasher is a great choice for a practical Christmas gift for family or friends.

Original price $3,480 Special price $2,784(click here)

Extra discounts make it easier to get started

This time J SELECT not only selects a number of festive gifts, but also provides a large number of other choices, ranging from trendy home appliances, living kitchen utensils, beauty and health products, and you can enjoy up to HK$400 discount on shopping at J SELECT online store discounts, as well as a series of popular brand reward weeks and member-only privileges.

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The promotion period is until January 3, 2023. Friends who want to get a selection of Christmas gifts as soon as possible can go to J SELECT to view more details of the promotion (click here)

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