June 4, 2023
supermicro ssg 121e ne316r main

1U can hold 16 SSDs, 480TB, Supermicro launched a new server

From November last year to January this year, AMD and Intel released the latest generation of server processor platforms, and many manufacturers also released new models one after another. In addition to following these platforms, they also support DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0 interface, which can support The shape of EDSFF storage devices has also become the main selling point of some manufacturers, such as HPE ProLiant Gen11 series, and Dell New PowerEdge series, both advertise that they will introduce such hard disk storage slots in some models (mainly EDSFF E3.S) , Unfortunately, it has not yet been officially provided. In contrast, Taiwan’s server manufacturers are moving faster, such as AIC and QCT, which have successively launched and exhibited models that support EDSFF E1.S.

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