June 7, 2023
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12 hours of heavy snow traffic jams rely on it to save lives Fortunately, I bought the “Idol Master SideM” disaster prevention bag boutique-Hong Kong unwire.hk

Recently, a female netizen shared her experience of being trapped in heavy snow on the Internet, claiming that during the 11.5-hour traffic jam, she survived only with the disaster prevention kit of “The Idol Master SideM”.

A female netizen with the account helloandy07 posted on Hatena Blog, a Japanese personal blog last week, saying that on December 19th, she was on the way to work and went home to rest due to physical discomfort. However, the road home was jammed due to heavy snow. It takes about an hour to drive forward the distance of about one car body. She said that fortunately, she carried the “Idol Master SideM” disaster prevention bag with her that morning, which enabled her to survive the 11.5-hour traffic jam.

A female netizen pointed out that the emergency food in the disaster prevention kit helped her overcome hunger, the gloves in the disaster prevention kit successfully enabled her to rescue the stuck car in front of her, and the portable toilet allowed her to meet her physiological needs during the long wait. A female netizen even said that the idol on the disaster prevention bag gave her great encouragement when she was driving on severe and bad roads. Every time I think back to those 11.5 hours of experience, I can’t help but shed tears. I’m really thankful that I have “The Idolmaster SideM” disaster prevention supplies.

She suggested that all netizens should also carry a disaster prevention bag with them to deal with different disasters; she also suggested adding drinking water, hygiene products, socks, blankets and heating pads to the disaster prevention bag based on her own experience. Finally, she thanked “The Idol Master SideM” again at the end of the article.

source:Hatena Blog

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