June 6, 2023

【Trial】Brother SmartCut Cutting Printer Actual Combat Automatic Paper Cutting + Creative Printing Production

I used to want to use a printer to make greeting cards, small items, and cards, but found that the work of cutting after printing was quite cumbersome, and I had to reprint and reprint, and then I simply handed it over to other people. Nowadays, home printers have evolved to a built-in cropping function, which can automatically cut to A5 according to the printed materials you make, such as coupons, greeting cards, Label Tags, game cards, etc., allowing you to concentrate on printed matter design and art creation. This time we will try the Brother DCPJ1700DW cropping printer to see how useful this new printer is.

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SmartCut function automatically cuts A4 paper to A5 size

Usually we need to print on A5 paper, the first thing that comes to mind is to buy a stack of A5 printing paper, but pay attention, A5 paper is really available in any shop. If you want to cut the A4 paper by yourself, you need to use tools such as backing boards, long rulers, and boundary knives to help, but often the cutting is not uniform, so that the effect is not good.

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In fact, the Brother DCPJ1700DW printer has been thought out for users. You only need to use the most common A4 paper, put it into the printer, and then cut out A5 size finished products. On the one hand, there is no need to use a cutter to cut by yourself, and on the other hand, there is no need to waste paper, and the setting can be completed by pressing a button, which is very convenient and easy to use, and the processing speed is much faster than that of manual labor. Brother SmartCut DCPJ1700DW is Brother’s first printer with the function of cutting A4 paper into A5. It can print two pages on A4 paper and then automatically cut it into A5 size paper. It also supports double-sided printing.

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Printing speed is fast enough and efficient

The cropping function is most suitable for users to make greeting cards, notice papers for business, delivery notes, receipts, and even game cards for children in the home business, etc. If the user selects the cropping function in advance, it will be automatically cropped when printing. According to unwire reporter Xiaoxian’s actual test, the printing was completed within 1 minute, and the automatic cutting was completed. In fact, the DCPJ1700DW quickly prints the first page, and the black and white printing of the first page is calculated in 6 seconds based on ISO/IEC 17629; the color printing of the first page is calculated in 6.5 seconds based on ISO/IEC 17629. As for the printing speed of general paper, ISO/IEC 24734 is 17 pages per minute for black and white printing, and 16.5 pages per minute for color printing, which fully meets the requirements of high-efficiency printing.

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Wireless Wi-Fi connection to computers, mobile phones, and tablets

In addition to computers, printers now support Wi-Fi wireless connections to smartphones and tablets. The printer is equipped with wireless connection and mobile printing function, so you can print anywhere at home anytime. As long as the printer is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your mobile device, you can use the “Brother Mobile Connect” app for one-click printing.

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The ink consumption of the printer can be clearly displayed in the app. If the ink runs out, you can purchase it immediately in the app and wait for delivery, saving a lot of time.

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3 in 1 with complete functions

In addition to the A5 cropping function introduced above, the Brother DCPJ1700DW printer is actually a 3-in-1 printer with complete functions. It has three major functions: printing, photocopying, and scanning. It also supports automatic double-sided printing and wireless connection. , mobile printing, etc., whether you use it at home or in the office, it can easily meet your various needs.

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Summary: Automatic cropping is convenient enough to allow you to be creative

Now there is a printer to help you cut and print the finished product, so that you can give full play to your creativity at any time, help children make word cards and games, aid supplies, promotional leaflets, greeting cards, and even logistics and transportation labels, all with one machine.

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DCPJ1700DW 3 in 1 Multifunctional SmartCut Cutting Printer

From now until December 31, 2022, if you purchase this model and complete the maintenance registration within 60 days from the date of purchase, you can upgrade to 2-year door-to-door pick-up and drop-off service (valued at $399) for free

  • A4 cropped to A5
  • Color automatic duplex printing/scanning/photocopying/USB/wireless network
  • 2.7” LCD touch display
  • Brother App/Web Connect/Email Print/Mobile Connect

Retail Price: $1,298 ( Click here to learn more)

Inquiries: 3187 0500

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