June 6, 2023
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【Top 10 Trends CIOs Must Watch in 2023: Trend 10】OMO operation has become the mainstream, and omni-channel data analysis has become the new key to living customers

For companies that must face consumers directly, since entering alert level 3 in 2021, establishing or strengthening online channels has become a major issue, and it has become a compulsory course for many companies in digital transformation in 2022. Now that Taiwan has emerged from the haze of the epidemic, physical channels have recovered, but online channels have become an indispensable consumption field. Sometimes, after listening to the introduction at the on-site store, we pick up the mobile phone to compare prices with the online store; sometimes we place a take-out order on the delivery platform, and then go to pick up the meal by ourselves, just to go home and eat comfortably. Under the new normal, this combination of online and offline consumption habits is different from the offline-based before the epidemic, and the online-based during the epidemic. Enterprises must also make corresponding changes in their operating models. If 2022 is the year for companies to strengthen their online channels, then their 2023 task will be the integration of online and offline channels (OMO, Online Merge Offline).

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