March 25, 2023
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【Policy Address 2022】Northern Metropolitan Area Becomes “International Innovation and Technology City” integrating life, economy and culture – Hong Kong

Chief Executive Li Jiachao stated in his first policy address during his tenure that the “Northern Metropolis” after completion will be themed “International Innovation and Technology New City”, with innovative urban design to promote work-housing balance, green living, community development and conservation, and will utilize innovative urban design. Border advantages, and promote the comprehensive development of port areas.

In the next five years, industrial sites will be launched successively to support the development of I&T and other industries. There are three buildings under construction in the Lok Ma Chau Loop in San Tin Science and Technology City, and some of the Loop sites will attract investment next year; the first batch of San Tin I&T sites outside the Loop will start construction in 2024; logistics in Hung Shui Bridge and Yuen Long And the first batch of industrial building sites in Xinxing Industrial Park will be launched next year; Hung Shui Kiu/Ha Tsuen New Development Area is positioned as a modern service industry hub, and the commercial land adjacent to Hung Shui Kiu Station will also be leveled in 2026.

The Government will make every effort to promote the large-scale housing construction projects such as Kwu Tung North/Fanling North, Hung Shui Kiu/Ha Tsuen and Yuen Long South. The goal is to start the land resumption process for all development projects within five years and complete the formation of new development within ten years. 40% of land and new units completed. The Government will make good use of the land resources of the “Northern Metropolitan Area” and adopt a higher plot ratio to increase the development density. Residential sites will be guided by a maximum plot ratio of 6.5 times, while commercial sites will be 9.5 times. There are a number of bright facilities in the district that drive community development and improve the quality of life, including cultural facilities, post-secondary education institutions, large-scale sports facilities, hospital networks, and government facilities.

In addition, the government will gradually recover the privately owned wetlands and fish ponds with ecological value, establish a wetland conservation park system, implement the “New Active Conservation Policy”, and enhance the environmental capacity for the construction of the “Northern Metropolis”. The government will also initiate legal procedures to designate about 500 hectares of land in Honghualing as a country park in 2024, which will run through the Wutong Mountain Scenic Area in Shenzhen. In addition, Sha Tau Kok will be gradually opened in 2024 to promote cultural and eco-tourism, and district consultation will be launched early next year. Mewe pages:

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