March 29, 2023
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【Live Test】Sony A7R5 High Pixel Camera Officially Launched in Hong Kong Price, Specifications + Over 100 Model Test Photos

Sony announced in Hong Kong today that the new mirrorless digital camera A7RV (A7R5, A7RM5) brings dual BIONZ XR processors at the same level as the A1, as well as a new AI processor, which can improve the body’s anti-shake to level 8.0, and through deep learning Developed a series of objects (such as people, animals, cars, planes, etc.) focusing performance.

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2022 10 25 下午6.28.52

2022 10 25 下午6.25.35

2022 10 25 下午6.28.19 1

2022 10 25 下午6.28.01 1



All 61 million pixel test JPEG original images can be clicked to enlarge 100% / downloaded to the computer

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2022 10 26 22.19.23

61 million pixel CMOS + 8.0-level body anti-shake performance

The A7R5 is equipped with a 61-megapixel backside-illuminated Exmor R CMOS sensor and dual BIONZ XR image processors, providing Sony’s best low-sensitivity shooting resolution so far, with processing performance 8 times faster than the previous generation A7R4. Standard ISO up to 32000, expandable to ISO 102400, providing a maximum of 15 stops of dynamic range.

IMG 7246

Users can choose the RAW image size when shooting RAW files, including uncompressed, lossless compression, and compressed RAW. The file size of lossless compression is only 50%-80% of the original size. M/S files can be selected to be thinner, and compressed RAW files can be selected. The size is only about 50% of the original size, and the details in the image can still be maintained.

The A7R5 improves its anti-shock capability through three aspects, including a high-performance gyroscope, and with a new algorithm, it can achieve up to 8 levels of shutter compensation (when using FE 50mm F1.2 GM). The blur of each pixel can be effectively detected and compensated to achieve the best anti-shock effect. A7R5 adds anti-flicker light detection function, which can detect the degree of light flicker in the environment and automatically adjust the shutter speed. The new phone also adds Creative Look to capture more colorful photos and videos, and also supports HEIF format.


AI Processing Unit improves focus, exposure, white balance, subject detection performance

The biggest selling point of this generation is not only a significant increase in image processing speed, but also the introduction of AI processing unit artificial intelligence processor, which uses deep learning technology to provide more accurate automatic exposure, more accurate white balance detection, and more accurate external flash control. . Pixel Shift Multi Shooting technology can sense the picture change of pixel size, even if there is slight movement in the image, it will compensate when superimposing.

IMG 7233

IMG 7252




The latest AI Processing Unit (AI processor) combines the sensor and image processor to provide better autofocus performance in high-pixel shooting environments. This new generation of opportunities detects the movement of the body and head position of the human body, so as to capture the subject more accurately, and the performance of Real-time Eye AF is increased by 60%.


2022 10 26 22.08.10 2022 10 26 22.08.16▲With the addition of the new processor, the 61-megapixel RAW+JPEG can maintain high speed for 10 seconds of continuous shooting, and almost every photo can capture the eye part, and immediately capture the eyes after the model turns around.

👆Each photo above can be enlarged to 100% and downloaded to computer for viewing:

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When identifying animals and birds, the recognition performance is improved by 40%, covering other animals except cats and dogs, making it easier to focus on the eyes of birds, and can also identify their heads and bodies. When identifying insects, either the head or the entire body can be identified. When recognizing cars, trains, and airplanes, the head or the entire body can also be recognized.

IMG 7254

Through the AI ​​processor, higher-accuracy real-time tracking can be achieved. Advance Fast Hybrid AF can cover 79% of the frame and provide 693 high-density AF points. AI also improves low-light focusing performance, enabling accurate focusing in EV -4.0 shooting environments.

Dual BIONZ XR processors also boost up to 10 fps autofocus, exposure burst, and up to 583 compressed RAW images. The A7R5 incorporates the Focus Bracketing function, which can take up to 299 photos stacked into a single photo with center focus everywhere on the screen.

When the CX89200 format is selected, 1000 shots of JPEG, 583 shots of compressed RAW can be shot continuously.

8K 24p + 4K 60p video recording with S-Cinetone

In terms of video recording, the A7R5 provides 8K (7680×4320) 24p/25p and 4K 60p/50p full-frame video recording without cropping. When recording 4K 30P/25P/24P images in Super 35mm format, no pixel binning is required to achieve 6.2K oversampling. 4:2:2 10bit shooting can be selected for 4K shooting, and up to 120fps can be used when shooting FHD images. The highest dynamic range can reach 14 levels when shooting, and S-Cinetone and S-Log3 professional shooting formats are also available. The efficient heat dissipation design allows the camera to shoot 8K 24p 10bit 4:2:0 video for 30 minutes. The A7R5 also newly added a high-quality video live broadcast function. After connecting to a computer, it can be used for 4K 15p, HD 1080p60, 1080p30, 720p30 live broadcast. During the live broadcast, it can also be used for in-camera video recording.



Newly designed 4-axis multi-angle steering LCD screen

The current-generation A7R5 introduces the latest 3.2-inch 2.095 million-dot screen and 9.44 million-pixel OLED electronic viewfinder. The new 4-axis multi-angle steering LCD screen can be directly pulled out to shoot high-fry and low-fry videos, and it can also be reversed to take selfies like other mirrors. Combines the convenience of Tilt awns with the freedom of side awns.


2022 10 25 下午6.28.01

2022 10 25 下午6.28.19

The A7R5 supports dual CF-Express Type-A/SD card slots. The body has built-in Still/Movie/S&Q Dial, R/L dial. The latest menu system is introduced, which can display the user menu on the full screen, making it easier to select frequently used setting items.

There are HDMI Type-A sockets on the side of the fuselage, as well as USB-C, Multi/Micro USB sockets, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack and a microphone jack.

2022 10 25 下午6.27.35 3

IMG 7265

The A7R5 will have 2.4GHz, 5GHz dual-band Wi-Fi, and 2×2 MIMO, and the image transmission speed is twice that of the previous generation A7R4. 1000BASE-Ethernet can be connected using a commercially available adapter. The body also supports SuperSpeed ​​USB 10Gbps (USB 3.2 Gen2).

Hong Kong Price and Availability

The ILCE-7RM5 has a suggested retail price of $29,490 and is available for pre-sale from October 27th to November 14th, 2022, with an estimated pickup date from November 17th, 2022.

IMG 7272

A7R5, A7R4, A1, A74 Specification Comparison

IMG 7271 scaled

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