May 28, 2023
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【Evaluation】Threezero Mecha World Gallian reproduces the classic mecha + four forms of deformation

This time I would like to introduce to you Galian from the Japanese animation alloy series “ROBO-DOU” in the Hong Kong brand threezero. Galian comes from the body in the Japanese animation “Mecha World” in the 1980s (1984). Although the animation is compact The plot and good-looking body settings, but in the end they were cut in half of the episodes, but the last 5 episodes were surprised by the unexpected plot development. Recently, it appeared in the works of “Robot Wars BX” released on 3DS in 2015. Among them, the most memorable one should be the freely retractable sword and whip weapon. Back to the model, this time it was redesigned by Kelvin Sau, the chief designer of threezero, using mechanical sense and mobility to re-interpret Gallian. Today, Unwire will open the box for you to see the real content!


RD galient 00

▲Chief designer Kelvin Sau once redesigned


RD galient 00a

▲Galian has a long history


A gorgeous imitation oil painting box worth admiring

Before opening the box of “Mecha World Gallian”, it is worth taking a look at the outer box for everyone. The outer box is designed in the style of an oil painting. If you pay attention carefully, it is actually a toy photo with special effects. The box design is sure to appeal to players who love this animation. On one side of the cover, Galian is holding a shiny sword and whip weapon, while the other side is a display of Galian with three different forms. In the box, you can also see the inside through the transparent plate by opening the side of the box, for players who want to check the model or some collections and want to see the model. After opening, you can see that there are only 2 layers of trays and instructions, one of which is the main body of Gallian and the other is accessories. The accessories are also very rich.


RD galient 01

▲ Galian is holding a shiny sword and whip weapon


RD galient 02

▲ Contains three different forms of display pictures


RD galient 03

▲ 2-tier tray

RD galient 53


RD galient 04

▲Instruction manual


Restore the TV version of Gallian

After taking out the main body of Galion, first install the attached back spray parts and skirt armor, as long as you hear a “pop” when installing, it means the installation is complete. The height of “Mecha World Galion” is about 24.5 cm, and this time it also uses an alloy skeleton, and there are more metal parts on the legs, so you can feel a good sense of weight. As the first Gallian with a realistic style and a TV version as a basket picture, this time threezero has done an old-fashioned painting effect on the surface, and there are obvious engraved lines on the front and back of the model. These are “ROBO-DOU” The characteristics of the series, in addition to restoring Galian, it is also more realistic.


RD galient 09a

▲The height of “Mecha World Gallian” is about 24.5 cm


RD galient 05

▲Back spray accessories and skirt armor


RD galient 06

RD galient 07

RD galient 08

RD galient 11

▲The installation process is simple


RD galient 10

▲An old-fashioned painting effect


The armor can be finely adjusted and the mobility is first-class

“Mecha World Galion” retains high mobility, this time there are about 42 joints. First of all, the upper body head can swing back and forth, but due to the obstacles on both sides of the head, it can’t swing too much when swinging left and right, but it can rotate 360 ​​degrees. Although it seems that the shoulder armor of the model is too large to allow the arm to move, but threezero’s independent design of the shoulder armor can provide outward opening, and even the front and rear of the shoulder armor can be opened, and even the entire front and rear can be adjusted independently. This design allows the hand to be easily lifted horizontally, or to move forward and backward 360 degrees, while the forearm can only move forward about 50 degrees. It is a pity that this part cannot be in the same position as the shoulder. The waist can be adjusted 360 degrees, but because there is only one joint position, it can only be adjusted by about 45 degrees.


RD galient 12

▲The head rotates 360 degrees, and the shoulder armor can also be opened


RD galient 13

▲The shoulder armor can also be opened


RD galient 17

▲The arm is retractable


RD galient 15

▲The forearm cannot move too much


RD galient 16

▲The mobility of the whole arm is still very high


RD galient 14

▲The movable waist is a pity


The waist armor of the lower body can be adjusted to open and close by itself, or it can be moved to the rear. This method is because the legs can move to the greatest extent. After the waist armor is removed, the legs can move 180 degrees left and right, that is, there is no horse. difficulty. In order to cooperate with the forward kick action, the legs are equipped with segments to lock different positions, and even the knees are also equipped with segments, which can be adjusted by extending the calf first. The soles of the feet can also be slightly adjusted, and the toes can also be slightly adjusted up and down.


RD galient 18

▲ Waist armor can also be opened


RD galient 19

▲ There is no problem with the word horse


RD galient 21

▲Knee part


RD galient 20

▲The whole leg can be adjusted naturally


RD galient 22

▲ Foot and fist can also be adjusted at will


A wealth of playable accessories for a classic look

In terms of accessories for threezero “Mecha World Galion”, in addition to the original fist gestures on Galion, there are another 3 pairs of posture gestures, gun gestures and sword gestures. The weapon accessories include 1 shoulder armor gun, 1 assault heavy gun (with 1 assault gun cable), 1 big sword, 1 sword whip and a large shield. The sword and whip can be said to be a feature of Galion, and it can be regarded as a romance in the history of mechas, but this time it can be adjusted to different shapes at will. For the shoulder gun, you only need to unplug the accessories next to the jet accessories on the back to replace them. After installing them, you can adjust the muzzle forward or upward by yourself.


RD galient 23

▲ Posture gestures, gun gestures and sword gestures


RD galient 24

▲Very rich accessories


RD galient 25

RD galient 26

▲Install the shoulder cannon


RD galient 27

▲Display of swords


RD galient 28

▲The display of the sword and whip


RD galient 29

▲The sword and whip can be deformed at will


The assault reloading cannon can be regarded as an iconic weapon in the animation. With the gesture of holding the gun, this behemoth can be easily picked up with one hand, and the arm of the reloading cannon will not slide off. And the point is that this assault heavy gun can be combined with the large shield domineering, and it can be inserted by opening the cover on the top of the shield, turning it into a heavy weapon sitting on the ground. There is also a hidden sword in the large shield that can be retracted and used at will. Whether it is used with a sword whip or an assault reloading gun, it can give players different versatility.


RD galient 30

▲The assault heavy gun is very huge


RD galient 31

▲The assault heavy gun can also be lifted easily


RD galient 32

▲Assault reloading gun with large shield


RD galient 33

▲The hidden device in the big shield


RD galient 34

▲ Random combinations have different playability


Simple Transform Galion Flight Form

threezero “Mecha World Galion” also has a simple and unique deformation design, as long as the head can be turned 180 degrees, the white part of the back jet fitting is turned over to cover the head, the joints of the handle are joined and the exhaust on the thigh is opened cover. Pull the thigh down, then take out the calf joint and continue to push down, push the knee cover outward, then open the foot cover, finally open the fist cover, put the sole of the foot flat, and then cover the foot cover back. In fact, as long as the feet are folded 180 degrees into a U shape, and finally the wings are exposed to complete the deformation. It may not be possible to describe it to readers in words, but the transformation process took less than 5 minutes to become Galian’s flying form.


RD galient 35

▲Flying head


RD galient 36

▲The arm can be adjusted and stretched


RD galient 37

▲ Open the thigh exhaust piece to lower the thigh


RD galient 38

▲U-shaped buckling


RD galient 39

▲The first step in flight form


RD galient 40

▲Finally open the wings


It can be further divided into two types: flight modification and self-propelled modification

As long as Galion’s flying form is removed, the two legs will become the “flying modification” form, and the legs will be joined by the two sides of the assault reloading gun, and the large shield will become the “self-propelled modification” form. In the “self-propelled modification” form, it can only rely on the two feet and the large shield as a support position, but because there is no place where it can be tightly closed, it is relatively easy to fall off and spread apart. The “Flying Modified” form is just a disassembled one-piece design, but there is no support for flat laying.


RD galient 45

▲Flying outfit modified form


RD galient 44

▲Flying outfit modified form


RD galient 43

▲Flying outfit modified form


RD galient 41

▲ Self-propelled change form


RD galient 42

▲ Self-propelled change form


Summary: Excellent dark horse works are extremely playable

To sum up, this time threezero’s “Mecha World Gallian” is a very expensive show. Under the revision of the “ROBO-DOU” series, there are not only classic accessories and weapons, but also special distressed painting effects, and finally can become different. type. The only biggest shortcoming should be that Galian is not as well-known as other works, but this time, Galian has been refitted so that even if you are not familiar with the work, you still want to buy it and play it because of its mobility and playability. The weapon accessories not only add points to Galian, but it is really fun to use the accessories in conjunction with the transformation. But some accessories are easy to fall off, such as when changing the shape by self-propelled, but the relative price of 1,000 makes the whole model super valuable. Players who are not familiar with this animation may wish to revisit the 25 episodes of animation and three OVA works. Galian can restore the plot and reproduce it on the toy. do not miss it.


RD galient 556



RD galient 46


RD galient 47

RD galient 50


RD galient 54

RD galient 551



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