June 6, 2023
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【Evaluation】Nokia X3 5G Out-of-the-box Evaluation of Handy Screen and Camera Performance- Hong Kong unwire.hk

I reviewed Nokia’s latest mid-range G60 5G mobile phone for you earlier, but some users may feel that the material is too “glue”. In fact, Nokia also launched another smartphone X3 5G at the same time, which is also mid-range Mobile phone configuration, but the appearance is more beautiful, and users who have more requirements for the appearance and feel may find it more suitable. But is it actually good to use? Let Edward share with you the impression after using it.

The metal edge looks nice but is a bit handy

Let’s talk about the shape first. Compared with the G60 I introduced to you earlier, the X30’s workmanship is much more refined: the front is still designed with a flat screen, and the frame is made of aluminum metal. As for the back of the machine, although it is still made of It is made of plastic, but with a little frosting process, the “glue feeling” will not be too heavy whether it looks or feels, and the feel is indeed much better than that of G60. In addition, although the materials of the fuselage have been changed, the X30 still retains many environmentally friendly elements: the packaging box is made of full carton, and the phone no longer comes with a charging fire buff, and the metal frame and plastic back of the fuselage are respectively It is made of 100% recycled aluminum and 65% recycled plastic. In addition, it still supports 3 OS upgrades and 3 years of monthly security updates, increasing the support time of mobile phones and slowing down the speed of people replacing mobile phones. These designs also greatly reduce the damage of mobile phones to the environment. However, there is one thing to note, that is, the X30 with an aluminum metal frame will have a little bit of a gap when it is held in the hand, especially when holding and controlling the phone with one hand.


▲This is another mid-range mobile phone X30 5G launched by Nokia.

DSC04393 DSC04394

▲Like the G60 5G, the X30 5G is also full of environmental protection elements. First, the packaging box is made of pure carton materials.


▲When you open the box, you will see the real body of the X30 5G.


▲The mobile phone is also wrapped in butter paper, which is more environmentally friendly than using plastic bags in the past.

DSC04397 DSC04399

▲On the lower floor, there are multiple manuals and SIM card slot pins. I think that if the manuals can also be digitized, so that users can download and browse from the official website when they need it, I believe it will be more environmentally friendly.


▲In addition, it is stated on the carton that in addition to the 1-year warranty, Nokia will also provide 3-year OS upgrades and monthly security updates. The support period is long enough, so that everyone does not need to change their phones every two years to reduce discarding Destruction of the environment with mobile phones.


▲Finally, the X30 5G box no longer comes with a charging fire cow, but only a USB-C to USB-C cable, which is also a popular environmental protection design in recent years.


▲As for the fuselage, the back of the machine is still made of 65% recycled plastic materials, but compared to the G60 5G, the X30 5G’s back plastic material has a little frosting process, so that users will not look or feel it. Too heavy “glue feeling”.


▲The fuselage frame is made of 100% recycled aluminum material, which makes the fuselage feel more beautiful and noble than G60.

DSC04429 DSC04430

▲However, with the flat screen and metal frame, there will be a little hand in the side when operating with one hand.


▲ On the right side of the fuselage, there are switch keys and volume keys, which are also made of aluminum metal.


▲As for the SIM card slot, USB-C slot and built-in speaker on the bottom of the phone, it is worth noting that the 3.5mm headphone jack on the G60 is no longer available on the X30.

DSC04427 DSC04428

▲The body is not heavy, and the screen is not too big, even if you hold the phone with one hand for a long time, it is still very comfortable.

DSC04431 DSC04432

▲It is very easy to do basic manipulation and even typing with one hand.

Screenshot 20221212 191113

▲ In addition to face unlocking, the X30 can also be unlocked using fingerprints under the screen, but the sensitivity is only average.

Screenshot 20221212 190910 Screenshot 20221212 191024 Screenshot 20221212 191032 Screenshot 20221212 191036

▲The interface is still very close to the native Android 12 operating system, which is simple and smooth.

AMOLED screen performance is good enough brightness

As for the display, compared to the G60, the 6.43-inch screen resolution of the X30 is still 2400 x 1080, but it is changed to AMOLED material, in other words, not only the brightness is higher (400 nits in general, up to 700 nits) , even in sunlight, you can see the screen display clearly, and the display quality is better, and the colors are more vivid and vivid, which is very good for viewing videos or photos. Of course, the AMOLED screen also greatly increases the viewing angle, and the display quality has not declined when viewed from the side, and the overall performance is very good. Although compared to the 120Hz update rate of the G60, the screen update rate of the X30 is only up to 90Hz, but for ordinary users, it is actually enough.


▲ The X30 uses a 6.43-inch AMOLED screen.


▲The screen adopts a small frame design, so the screen ratio is very high.

Screenshot 20221212 191358 Screenshot 20221212 191058

▲The screen resolution is 2400 x 1080, and supports up to 90Hz update rate.


▲Although the screen update rate is not as good as that of the cheaper G60, it is still very smooth to flip pages quickly when browsing content, and you can also see fine print.

DSC04435 DSC04441

▲The display quality of the screen is very good. The text display is clear and sharp. When browsing videos, the colors are bright but not too “MSG” effect, and the brightness is very sufficient. Even under the sun, you can still see the display on the screen clearly content.


▲In addition, due to the use of the AMOLED screen, the viewing angle is very high, and the display quality of the screen does not decrease significantly when viewed from the side.

Camera performance is slightly better than G60

As for the camera, the main camera of the X30 only uses a dual main lens design, which is a 50-megapixel f/1.9 main camera and a 13-megapixel 123-degree FOV f/2.4 ultra-wide-angle lens. The main camera not only uses a PureView OIS lens technology, and the pixel size reaches 2µm 4-in-1, which greatly increases the amount of light that can be attracted. Together with the Dark Vision technology and 3 night scene shooting modes that are also configured on the G60, everyone can take cleaner, clearer and low-noise night scenes photo. And the author has also tested that under normal circumstances, the effects of shooting day scenes and ultra-wide-angle photos are considered acceptable, while night scenes are still very good. For users who like night shots, the effect shown by X30 as a mid-range mobile phone should be You will not be disappointed.


▲ In terms of camera, the X30 adopts a dual main mirror design, which is a 50-megapixel main camera and a 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens. The main camera uses PureView technology and also supports OIS optical anti-shake.


▲As for the front mirror, it adopts a perforated design, which is located in the center of the top of the screen and supports up to 16-megapixel selfie photos.

Screenshot 20221211 110444 Screenshot 20221212 183508

▲As for the camera interface, it is similar to other Nokia phones, and the AI ​​​​function will also suggest which lens or mode you use when you take a photo to have the best effect.

IMG 20221211 110302 HDR IMG 20221211 110307 HDR IMG 20221211 110315 HDR

▲The author first took 1x, 0.6x (ultra wide-angle) and 2x photos in an indoor environment with sufficient light. You can see that the overall effect is a little better than G60, but the difference is not too big. For example: shooting with an ultra-wide-angle lens , although the effect is a little better than that of G60, but the edges still have the disadvantage of being blurry.

IMG 20221211 112639 HDR IMG 20221211 112646 HDR IMG 20221211 112651 HDR

▲And shooting at 1x, 0.6x and 2x in another indoor environment, you can see that the imaging is acceptable. It is not very good, but it is enough for sharing on social platforms.

IMG 20221212 183504 IMG 20221212 183517 IMG 20221212 183525

▲As for night shots, in the normal mode, shooting at 1x, 0.6x and 2x, you can see that the effect is not too ideal. Even when shooting with the main camera at 1x, there is obvious noise, and the clarity of the photos is also low. It is much lower than shooting in the daytime. As for the ultra-wide-angle lens with a narrower aperture, the effect of the shooting is even more unsatisfactory.

Screenshot 20221212 183154

▲ Fortunately, the X30, like the G60, has 3 different night scene modes.

IMG 20221212 183205 IMG 20221212 183231 IMG 20221212 183317

▲When the author uses night mode, extreme night mode and tripod mode to shoot, everyone will see that the photo effect becomes much cleaner, and the clarity is significantly improved, so it is recommended that you use night scene mode more in low-light environments , especially if you don’t mind the tripod following your body, if you use the tripod mode to shoot, there will be many surprises in the photo effect.

IMG 20221212 183740 IMG 20221212 183753 IMG 20221212 183808 IMG 20221212 183820

▲As for shooting pictures with large light differences in the normal mode, night mode, extreme night mode and tripod mode in an almost completely dark indoor environment, you can see that the tripod mode also has the best effect.

Screenshot 20221211 110450

▲In addition, like the G60, if you want to take a real 50-megapixel photo, you also need to click the “50M” mode in the settings to get it.

IMG 20221211 110302 HDR IMG 20221211 110326 HDR b

▲The above two test photos were taken in normal 12.6-megapixel mode and 50-megapixel mode. Without zooming in, the photos in 50-megapixel mode are indeed clearer.

compare 01

▲When you zoom in on the photo, you can see the effect of the 50-megapixel mode (right), which is clearer than the normal mode (left).

IMG 20221211 112639 HDR IMG 20221211 112658 HDR b

▲Let everyone look at one more test photo. You can see that the resolution is also better in the 50-megapixel mode.

compare 02

▲And when you zoom in on the photo, you will find that the photos taken in the 50-megapixel mode (right) are not only clearer, but also the color temperature restoration is better than the photos taken in the normal mode (left) (the latter will appear more biased) Huang’s case).

Powerful enough to meet daily needs

Finally, in terms of hardware configuration, the Nokia X30 5G uses a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G processor, Adreno 619 image processing chip, 8GB RAM and 256GB built-in storage space. It’s powerful enough, but it’s generally more than adequate if you’re going to tackle the applications you’d normally use in your day-to-day life. In addition, as the name suggests, it certainly supports Hong Kong’s 5G network. I put it in the csl. 5G SIM, and the upload and download performance is not bad. If you want to have a secondary phone that supports 5G network, X30 5G should not disappoint you. In terms of power, it has a built-in 4,200mAh capacity battery. The author has tried it under normal usage conditions, and it can be used for nearly 2 days before the phone needs to be charged, just like the G60 5G. For users, the X30 5G should be able to meet everyone’s needs.

Screenshot 20221212 191355 Screenshot 20221212 191432 Screenshot 20221212 191352 Screenshot 20221212 191404

▲In terms of hardware configuration, the X30 5G uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G processor, Adreno 619 image processing chip, 8GB RAM, 256GB built-in storage space and preloaded with the Android 12 operating system, basically similar to the G60 5G.

Screenshot 20221212 191911

▲First of all, the author used Geekbench 5 to test the performance of the processor. As a result, the single-core and multi-core calculations scored 668 points and 1,892 points respectively, and the performance was quite satisfactory.

Screenshot 20221212 195547

▲The author used 3DMark’s Wild Life and Wild Life Extreme to test the gaming performance of the X30 5G, and the results were only 1,217 points and 362 points respectively. It can be seen that the performance of X30 5G gaming is only average.

Screenshot 20221212 195915

▲Afterwards, the author used A1 SD Bench to test the read and write performance of the built-in storage space. As a result, the read and write speeds were recorded at 505.09MB/s and 230.41MB/s respectively, and the performance was also average.

Screenshot 20221212 235803 Screenshot 20221213 000818 Screenshot 20221212 192631

▲Finally, the author tested the overall system performance of the Nokia X30 5G with AnTuTu, PCMark for Android Job 3.0 and Geekbench 5 – Vulkan. The results were 404,298 points, 8,750 points, and 1,176 points respectively. This shows that the X30 can handle daily Commonly used applications in daily life are generally more than enough, but it does not support smooth gaming effects.

Screenshot 20221212 191401 Screenshot 20221212 191048

▲Although the performance is not high, its built-in 4,200mAh capacity battery is enough for everyone to use it for nearly 2 days before needing to recharge, and it is full of energy.


▲In addition, since it is called X30 5G, it naturally supports Hong Kong’s 5G network.

DSC04401 DSC04402

▲It also supports the dual-card dual-standby function of putting two physical SIM cards.

Screenshot 20221210 020053

▲The author put in the 5G SIM card of csl. and tried to measure the speed with the speedtest APP in Shatian. As a result, the download and upload speeds were recorded at 139Mbps and 27.5Mbps respectively, which is considered ideal.

Summary: Arrival and play mid-range 5G mobile phones

All in all, compared to the G60 5G that Nokia introduced this time, the X30 5G launched by Nokia not only has an improved body material that makes it feel better in the hand (although there is a little edge around the phone), but also has a more beautiful body design. , The screen, camera, etc. have also been improved. Although the performance is still at the same level, the improvements mentioned above make the overall user experience better than the G60 5G. Of course, this “improvement” is also reflected in the price, but $3,700 can buy a mid-range 5G mobile phone with specifications and performance like the X30 5G, which is actually worth playing.


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