June 9, 2023
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【Evaluation】Nokia G60 5G Out-of-the-Box Review of Night Shot Camera Screen Performance- Hong Kong unwire.hk

Many mobile phone brands have the habit of launching their own flagship series, but Nokia, the former mobile phone brand “big brother” after “rebirth”, has gone the other way in recent years, focusing on low-end and mid-range mobile phones, supplemented by a few unique products Functional mid-range mobile phones focus on the market, in order to achieve the old goal of “people-oriented technology”. The G60 5G recently launched by Nokia focuses on the night camera function. What are the characteristics of this mid-range mobile phone? Let Edward share with you the feeling after the test.

“Environmentally friendly plastic” body feels good

Let’s talk about the appearance design first. The Nokia G60 5G (hereinafter referred to as G60) follows the environmental protection concept that has been very popular in the technology industry in recent years. The frame and the back are made of 60% and 100% recycled plastics respectively. The official said that it can make the fuselage more It is resistant to falling and can also contribute to environmental protection. As for the author, compared to the mainstream metal frame and tempered glass design for the side and back of the machine, the “glue feeling” of the G60 is indeed a bit obvious, but the official has added a texture similar to water dots on the back of the machine, which is easy to touch. The feel has improved. As for the appearance, the G60 is also designed as a regular straight phone. The light body is only 190g, and it will not feel heavy after long-term use. It can also be controlled with one hand (although it is not easy). The overall design and performance are compared with mid-range phones. In terms of performance, it is actually within expectations, so there are not many complaints overall.


▲This is Nokia’s latest G60 5G mid-range smartphone.


▲When you open the box, you can already see the real body of G60 5G.


▲Take the phone away, and you will see a white paper box, which contains multiple manuals and SIM card slot pins.

DSC04319 DSC04322

▲The bottom layer is other accessories, including: charging fire bull, USB-C to USB-C cable and 3.5mm wired earphones.


▲This is the G60 5G, which is designed with a flat screen, and the side of the machine is made of 60% recycled plastic.

DSC04328 DSC04333

▲The edge of the back of the machine is designed with a micro-arc edge, and the back of the machine is also made of 100% recycled plastic.


▲It is also stated on the packaging box that the whole machine is made of at least 60% recycled plastic.


▲Even the paper used to pack mobile phones is made of butter paper, and the concept of environmental protection is fully realized.


▲In addition, the black machine back can point to the texture design of some water droplets.


▲This design makes the phone feel good when you hold it in your hand, but since it is always made of plastic, it is inevitable that it will feel a bit heavy.


▲The right side of the fuselage is equipped with a volume key and a switch key.


▲The fingerprint reader is hidden in the switch key, which can unlock the phone with one press.

Screenshot 20221212 172510

▲ Of course, in addition to fingerprint unlocking, the G60 5G also supports face unlocking, but it is still a low-security model.


▲There is a SIM card slot on the left side of the fuselage near the top.


▲The bottom of the machine is equipped with a USB-C slot, a built-in speaker, and a 3.5mm headphone jack that has been rare in recent years.


▲The screen is a bit big, but fortunately, the body is relatively light, and it is not tiring even if you hold the phone with one hand for a long time.

DSC04340 DSC04341

▲ One-handed control is also barely possible.


▲ There is no big problem with typing with one hand.

Screenshot 20221212 172037 Screenshot 20221212 172041 Screenshot 20221212 172051 Screenshot 20221212 172056

▲Nokia’s mobile phones have always adopted a design that is very close to the Android native operating system, and there are not many own APPS, so the interface is simple and clean, and it is easy to use.

3 kinds of night shooting modes with surprising effects

In recent years, many mid-range mobile phones have focused on certain features, and this time the G60 is no exception, but the G60 will play a little more “special”: the main camera’s night shooting mode. With the built-in Dark Vision and AI functions, there are 3 modes in its night shooting function, namely: night mode, extreme night mode and tripod mode. Of course, the later the mode, the longer the exposure time will be, and the noise of the photo will be suppressed It will also do better, go to the tripod mode, the exposure time can even be as long as 20 seconds or more, so to take clear and low-noise night photos, you really need to put the phone on the tripod to shoot , but shooting in this mode, in addition to taking clear and low-noise night scene photos, it can also be used to take photos of light tracks and car tracks. For those who like to take such photos, they can even be used for light painting (Light Painting) For users, it is actually very practical. The author has personally tested these 3 modes, and compared them with the night scene photos taken in the general camera mode. I saw that the noise suppression has been greatly improved in the photos taken in the general night mode, but in the tripod mode, the dark position You can see more details than the naked eye, and the color temperature is relatively accurate, so if you don’t mind bringing a tripod to go out on the street, use this tripod mode a lot, and you can achieve even if you hold a mid-range mobile phone. It can take pictures of night scenes that are comparable to those taken by cameras.

Screenshot 20221212 182515

▲In a dark environment, the camera AI will prompt the user to try shooting in night scene mode.

Screenshot 20221212 182537

▲ Enter the night scene mode and click the AUTO button on the left column, you will see 3 different night scene modes.

Screenshot 20221212 182543 Screenshot 20221212 182548 Screenshot 20221212 182555

▲In addition to the AUTO automatic mode, the other three modes from top to bottom are tripod mode, extreme night mode and night mode.

IMG 20221212 181555 IMG 20221212 181604 IMG 20221212 181613

▲If you don’t use the night scene mode, I try to use the normal camera mode, and shoot night scenes in 1x, super wide-angle and 2x telephoto modes. You can see that the clarity is only average, and the noise is very obvious. This is the case when the aperture is relatively small The effect of the thin ultra-wide-angle lens and the telephoto lens is particularly obvious.

IMG 20221212 182351 IMG 20221212 182404 IMG 20221212 182420

▲And at the same location, using the three night scene modes of G60 5G: night mode (first picture), extreme night mode (second picture) and tripod mode (third picture) shooting, you can see that the effect has indeed been greatly improved. Not only the noise suppression performance is greatly enhanced, but also the clarity is greatly improved. In the tripod mode, because of the slow shutter and ultra-long exposure shooting, the moving car on the road can be photographed as a track effect.

Screenshot 20221212 181723

▲This is because in the tripod mode, the long exposure time reaches nearly 20 seconds to achieve this clean and excellent effect. Therefore, using this mode, you really need to fix the G60 5G on the tripod and hold the phone with both hands , Even if the hand is fixed again, it is basically difficult for ordinary people to hold it stably for more than ten to twenty seconds.

Screenshot 20221212 182601

▲Of course, if you want to have a more stable shooting effect, it is recommended that you turn on the 3s timer when shooting. After pressing the shutter, it will take 3 seconds to start capturing photos, so the effect will be more ideal.

IMG 20221212 182832

▲Let everyone take a look at the effects of different night scene modes. The author first shoots in the normal camera mode. You can see only the night light clearly, and the background is basically very hazy or even pitch black.

IMG 20221212 182840 IMG 20221212 182850 IMG 20221212 182904

▲The author took pictures in different night scene modes, namely: night mode (first picture), extreme night mode (second picture) and tripod mode (third picture). You can see that the later the mode, the more the background It can be captured clearly, and the effect of noise suppression is better. In addition, the author found that in the tripod mode with a super long exposure time, the control of light and dark positions is also done best, the background is also clearly visible, and the color temperature is the closest to the effect seen by the naked eye. It can be seen that shooting night scenes in tripod mode is really good. It has a very ideal effect.

Average camera results are ideal

As for the camera, the main camera of the G60 adopts a 3-lens design, namely: 50-megapixel f/1.8 main camera, 5-megapixel f/2.2 ultra-wide-angle lens and 2-megapixel f/2.4 telephoto lens, while the front selfie lens It adopts a drop-shaped design with 8 million pixels. In terms of imaging, the author thinks that the overall performance is above the standard. For mid-range phones, the photos taken by the G60 camera are actually very good. The photos are clear and sharp, and the colors are also natural. The overall look is comfortable. If you take a snapshot and share it on different social platforms, the camera performance of the G60 should not disappoint everyone.


▲ In terms of camera, the G60 adopts a 3-megapixel main lens design, namely a 50-megapixel main camera, a 5-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens and a 2-megapixel telephoto lens.


▲The front mirror adopts a drop-shaped design and is located in the middle of the top of the screen. It can take selfies with up to 8 megapixels.

Screenshot 20221212 182636 Screenshot 20221212 182645

▲The camera interface is similar to that of ordinary Nokia mobile phones. The G60 also has a professional mode. There are a variety of shooting parameters for users to adjust, and it can also be set to shoot photos in RAW format.

IMG 20221211 110354 HDR IMG 20221211 110358 HDR IMG 20221211 110405 HDR

▲The author took photos indoors with the main camera (first photo), ultra-wide-angle lens (second photo) and telephoto lens (third photo). You can see that the effects of the main camera and telephoto lens are very good Yes, the image is clear and the color is natural; however, in the photos taken by the ultra-wide-angle lens, the sharpness of the side image will be lower than that of the middle position, but the effect of the low-end ultra-wide-angle lens is generally the same, and it is expected.

Screenshot 20221211 110414

▲It is worth mentioning that only 12.6-megapixel photos are taken with the main camera and normal shooting mode. If you want to use up the pixels to take 50-megapixel photos, you must click the “50M” mode in the settings.

IMG 20221211 110354 HDR IMG 20221211 110420 HDR a

▲The above two photos were taken with the main camera 1x. The first one is a 12.6-megapixel photo taken in normal camera mode, and the second one is a photo taken in 50-megapixel mode. If you don’t zoom in on the photo , The effect of the two photos is basically the same.

compare 1

▲But when you zoom in on the photo, you will see the effect of 50 million pixels (right). If you look at it, it is indeed a little clearer than the effect of using the normal camera mode, but the difference is still not very big .

The 120Hz screen performs well

As for the display, the G60 has a built-in 6.58-inch 2400 x 1080 FHD+ resolution IPS screen with a refresh rate of up to 120Hz. In terms of use, the screen performance of the G60 is pretty good. The browsing text is clear and sharp, and the color of watching the video is natural. The overall performance meets the standard of it as a mid-range mobile phone. The brightness is also considered sufficient. The official said that it is generally 400nits, and the highest can reach 500nits (under direct sunlight on the screen). I tried to see the content displayed on the screen clearly even under sunlight, and the viewing angle It is considered high, and there is no drop in display quality when viewing the screen from the side, and the overall performance is satisfactory.


▲The G60 has a built-in 6.58-inch IPS screen.


▲ The screen is still designed with a small frame.

Screenshot 20221212 172818 Screenshot 20221212 172407

▲The screen resolution is 2408 x 1080, and supports up to 120Hz update rate.


▲The high screen update rate allows the author to use the browser to browse the web, even if he flips quickly, he can still see the fine print, which shows that the fluency is really good.

DSC04361 DSC04364

▲As for the screen quality, it is not bad. The browsing text is clear and sharp, and the color of watching the video is natural. The overall performance is not bad.

DSC04363 DSC04375

▲The viewing angle is also high, and there is no significant drop in display quality when viewing the screen from the side.

Powerful enough for general life applications

Finally, in terms of hardware configuration, the G60 has a built-in mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G processor, Adreno 619 image processing chip, 6GB RAM, and 128GB built-in storage space. Although the performance is only at the level of ordinary mid-range mobile phones, it is still used in real life by the author. , if it is just a general life application, basically the G60 can also give users a very smooth performance. Of course, if it is used for gaming, its performance is only average, but for users who do not often play games that require very high image processing, the performance of G60 can meet everyone’s needs. In addition, it supports Hong Kong’s 5G network, and the built-in 4,500mAh capacity battery, the author has tested that under normal usage conditions, it is indeed enough for a day or even close to two days before it needs to be charged, so the power is really long.

Screenshot 20221212 172815 Screenshot 20221212 172842 Screenshot 20221212 172813 Screenshot 20221212 172832

▲In terms of hardware configuration, the Nokia G60 5G has a built-in Qualcomm Snapdragon 695 5G processor, Adreno 619 image processing chip, 6GB RAM and 128GB built-in storage space, and the operating system is preloaded with Android 12.

Screenshot 20221212 173452

▲The author first tested the performance of the processor with Geekbench 5. As a result, the single-core and multi-core calculations scored 675 points and 1,569 points respectively, and the performance is quite satisfactory.

Screenshot 20221212 174803

▲After that, the author used 3DMark’s Wild Life and Wild Life Extreme to test the image processing capabilities of Nokia G60 5G, and the results were 1,209 points and 362 points respectively. It can be seen that it is basically more difficult to play with G60.

Screenshot 20221212 175249

▲As for the built-in storage space, the author used A1 SD Bench to test, and the results showed that the reading and writing speeds were 520.4MB/s and 302.63MB/s respectively, and the performance was within an acceptable range.

Screenshot 20221212 180548 Screenshot 20221212 181421 Screenshot 20221212 174209

▲Finally, the author tested the overall system performance of Nokia G60 5G with AnTuTu evaluation, PCMark for Android Job 3.0 and Geekbench 5 – Vulkan. The results were 403,017 points, 9,184 points and 1,191 points respectively, which belong to the performance of normal mid-range mobile phones Level, it can be seen that the G60 can cope with the applications that are generally used in daily life. Generally, there is no problem, but it cannot be used as a computer (in fact, it can, but the effect will not be too ideal…).

DSC04326 DSC04354

▲In addition, as the name suggests, Nokia G60 5G can naturally support Hong Kong’s 5G network, and supports dual-card dual-standby design.


▲The author put the 5G SIM card of csl. into the G60 5G, and tested the speed with the speedtest APP in Shatian. The results showed that the download and upload speeds were 154Mbps and 21Mbps respectively, which is considered good.

Screenshot 20221212 172823 Screenshot 20221212 172328

▲In addition, the Nokia G60 5G also has a built-in 4,500mAh capacity battery. The author has tried it, and it is enough for two days before needing to charge the phone. It is very long-lasting.


▲And even if there is no electricity, using the charging fire cow that comes with the machine can also support 20W fast wired charging.


▲It is worth mentioning that Nokia promises to provide Android upgrades and security software updates for up to 3 years, so you can feel more at ease when using it (at least you don’t have to worry about the need to change the phone if the official will not support it soon).

Summary: It is very good for playing mid-range night camera mobile phones

All in all, Nokia launched the G60 5G, a mid-range mobile phone, which performs averagely in all aspects, and the night camera is more distinctive, and the effect is quite good, especially its tripod mode, which allows everyone to see through the ultra-long Time exposure, shooting clear, low-noise and natural color temperature night scenes, even light trails, light painting photos, is indeed a very good and unique function. Of course, even if you don’t often take night shots, but at a price of $2,298, you can buy a mid-range mobile phone with an environmentally friendly design, a good feel, and smooth overall control. The official even claims that it will provide updates for up to 3 years. It’s very fun, and for users with limited budgets, you might as well consider it.


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